How to grow a garden in a small indoor space

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(PIX11) -- Tiny spaces can still be green.

Tara Bench, a do-it-yourself expert from Hometalk, explains three different ways you can grow a garden even in a small indoor space:

Build a Vertical Garden

If you’re tight on space, try growing upwards with “pocket” gardening. All you need is a wall, or fence, that receives adequate sunlight, a canvas shoe rack, some potting soil, and basic tools such as a screwdriver and a level.

You have the option to buy single pockets or rows of hanging pockets. Pockets come in a variety of sizes and colors, but make sure you get canvas or fabric for the ability to drain. When choosing plants, keep in mind the size of the plant's root system so that they will grow properly.

  • What you’ll need: Potting soil and small garden plants, single pockets or rows of hanging pockets, and your basic tools including a screwdriver and a level.
  • Directions: Level and hang the pockets from the wall or fence. Spoon potting soil into the bottom of each pocket and insert the plant, root end first. Add a bit of soil to the top and moisten with water. Repeat for all pockets.
  • Water as frequently as needed for the plants variety. Trim and use plants as needed.

Via Hometalk member Wet & Forget

Milk Carton Herb Pots

These herb pots are easy to water, stay moistened, and they look fabulous in a wooden basket! Simply clean a milk or juice carton and cut off the bottom half. These make perfect summer gifts for neighbors and friends.

  • What you’ll need: Assorted herbs and potting soil, cardboard milk, cream or juice cartons, ruler, pencil or pen, sharp scissors, white primer spray paint, black chalkboard spray paint, and chalk.
  • Directions: Trim the cartons to about 3¼ inches tall. Spray or paint with primer, all over the outside and about an inch into the top edge of the inside. Paint over with chalkboard paint to customize as you wish. You can use chalk to label the milk cartons.
  • Plant herbs inside with potting soil and water as necessary.

Via Hometalk member Time With Thea

Mason Jar Herb Garden

Planting herbs in mason jars is the best way to use the least amount of space – and also requires minimal maintenance! Plant in mason jars and nail them to a plank of wood to create a hanging herb garden. The best part: you can use them in most of your summer recipes.

  • What you’ll need: Assorted herbs and potting soil, board of wood, paint if desired, hose clamps, mason jars, nails and hammer.
  • Directions: Paint wood board if desired. Measure the hose clamps to fit around the jars. Nail the clamps in place and insert jars—tighten clamp around jars. Fill jars with soil and place herb plants inside. Label each jar if desired.
  • Water herbs as needed making sure to let the soil dry properly between waterings since there is no drainage.

Via Hometalk member Thegreenworkbench

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