What’s trending: August 6, 2014

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A baby sings Katy Perry. Does it get more adorable than that? At first, the fussy baby just didn’t like riding in the back seat. As soon as Katy Perry’s hit single, “Dark Horse,” comes on, the baby calms down.


There’s a crazy zip-line video out that gets pretty scary. It’s the largest urban zip-line in the world, but the guys don’t wait to get to the end. They unhook midway through and parachute down. It took place in Panama City in the republic of Panama. It’s a 2,000 foot line and the longest in an urban setting.


Matthew Espinosa is a normal Virginia high school teenager. However, he’s an internet sensation. The teen has over 4-million followers on vine. His followers on the social media site love him so much, they created their own day for him: Matt Espinosa Day. Of course, it’s now trending on twitter. The teen known for his “that’s so me” humor, jokes about school, food, and homework, in his 6-second vine videos.