VIDEO: Bear walks on hind legs through NJ neighborhood

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JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP, N.J. (PIX11) — A hungry black bear was recorded taking a stroll through a New Jersey neighborhood on its hind legs, and some residents are saying they’ve seen the bear do the same thing on other occasions.

The bipedal bear is seen walking through a quiet Oak Ridge cul-de-sac, stopping to peek into a garbage can.

Ian Bohman, who recorded the video, said he saw the bear trotting about like a human as he was leaving his home at about 5:45 a.m. Monday. “It just walked by like I wasn’t there,” he commented under the video on YouTube.

Bohman said he believes the bear was forced to walk that way due to an injury.


“The whole upper body of the bear looked pretty skinny, and the left paw could possibly be broken by the way it basically hangs,” he said.

Other residents of the town commented under the video that they had spotted the bear as well.

“That’s called blending in! If it walks like a human, no humans will notice lol,” one person commented under the video.




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