Grandmother mauled by family dog in front of 2-year-old

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Whisman family handout (via WCPO)

Whisman family handout (via WCPO)

MADISON TOWNSHIP, OHIO (PIX11) — As her 2-year-old grandson watched in horror, a grandmother was mauled to death by the family’s pet dog.

59-year-old Cindy Whisman was babysitting the toddler in the backyard of a home in Madison Township, Ohio when the dog, identified by family members as a pit bull, suddenly attacked, biting her on the face, neck and body.

A neighbor, Wayne Walker,  was able to fight off the dog with his walking stick while another neighbor called 911, reported WCPO.

Julie Whisman, the owner of the animal, and the daughter of the dead woman, said the dog never exhibited aggressive behavior in the past.

“It just doesn’t add up,” she said.  “My son could sit on him, lay on him.”

Now officials need to decide what will happen to the dog.  It’s being held in quarantine pending a court hearing.  If the family decides it doesn’t want to keep the dog, it will be euthanized, according to the Butler County Sheriff’s office.




  • Kristen

    If the dog was so loving with the child then it’s possible the grandma did something that the dog perceived to be a threat towards the child and it attacked trying to protect him. It’s amazing though how society is quick to euthanize ‘bad’ dogs instead of trying to rehabilitate them but we’ll let criminals sit in jail and then get released despite them not always being rehabilitated.

    • Thewalrus

      Yeah that makes sense, spend money “rehabilitating” a dog who just mauled someone to death. Maybe it should come outta your wallet.

    • Zaynah

      I agree with Cesar. She most likely provoked the dog or did something to the baby or maybe another child. It’s very unlikely for an animal to attack for no reason at all. And if the dog attacked only her then she’s the one that needs to be investigated

  • lady red

    I agree with kristen!,, like for real, my taxes is paying for the real criminals who commit murders,, free cable, free shelter, free 3 meals a day, free education, free medical care, ,, its time that thy get euthanize n not these poor dogs!

  • amb5886

    You people make me sick. Sitting here feeling sorry for the poor dog and show no sympathy whatsoever for this poor woman. Imagine your mother or grandmother got her throat ripped out by a dog. Would you feel the same way? Dogs attack people all the time for no reason. You see stories all the time about children on the street getting attacked and killed by dogs.

    • Joe

      Even the daughter is questioning the whole thing. Did the grandma beat the child and the dog react to defend the child? The two different breeds of dogs commonly referred two as pitbulls are extremely protective of their “pack”. Who knows what the grandma did to provoke the attack.

  • jason henry

    People forget that dogs cant reason. She may have done something to make the dog attack. People forget dogs dont speak english.

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