Facebook post may have alluded to deadly Port Washington explosion

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PORT WASHINGTON, Long Island (PIX11) -- Neighbors are hovering, quietly speculating as they have a look for themselves at what’s left of the garage behind  10 Prospect Avenue, Port Washington, Long Island.

The latest news to emerge from behind these closed doors points to possible foul play in Wednesday evening’s explosion, which investigators now say may have been intentionally set.

Ginny Garofalo says minutes before the blast, she witnessed a police officer rushing Angela MacNeill and her two year old daughter out of the house, in response to domestic dispute and the strong smell of gas.

And then there’s this: A Facebook post from December from her estranged husband Mike.

“If you’re gonna go out with a bang, might as well do it right with twenty-five gallons of gas and forty pounds of propane," the photo of gas tanks was captioned.

We now know the couple was in the middle of a divorce.

Mike MacNeil is unaccounted for and police say they did in fact find the body in the garage that exploded.

“I’m gonna start crying now, because I’m getting upset. It’s upsetting. This type of thing normally doesn’t happen here in port Washington. You don’t hear about it. Blowing up a garage? It’s scary. Sad, and I’m very sad for everybody involved,” said Garofalo.