Chrissie Orta speaks out about husband’s video of Eric Garner

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(PIX11) -- Chrissie Orta, the wife of Ramsey Orta, joins us for her first sit-down interview to discuss her husband's arrest, merely weeks after shooting the Eric Garner video.

She speaks out about the ensuing legal fall-out after Garner's death.

Watch it above.


  • Brian Fisher

    She was just arrested for assault, he’s been arrested 27 times and we’re supposed to believe this is a fine, upstanding family being singled out and picked on by the NYPD. I’m sure all 27 times he was arrested it was somebody else’s fault. I’m sure his felony convictions are because the police knew someday he would shoot this video. I’m absolutely positive the woman she assaulted was working for the NYPD and set her up.

  • tony

    your an asshole…one has nothing to do with the other..nobody said nothing about upstanding family being singled out by nypd you ignorant ass.. this has absolutely nothing to do with prior convictions for anything.your putting words in peoples mouths..i understand..its the ignorance you walk around with everyday…it blinds you in many ways.thats what ignorance does..i feel sorry for you..gotta be white for sure..shouldve been your ass that got choked out..then you would know..and dont say it could never happen to you…

  • Joachim

    Good job on that interview Suki, why didn’t you ask her about her assault arrest? Then letting her beg for bail money for her POS husband, classic.

    • tony

      joachim you’re the classic has nothing to do with the other..ignorance i tell you!it just comes out in people like you,,,anybody with sense can see it…

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