Cat from hell: Cat attacks woman as she records video trying to get rid of him

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One woman was so fed up with her aggressive cat, she posted a video trying to get someone to adopt it.

In the video, the woman says she’s willing to give her “loving” pet away for free.

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“I decided to get rid of my loving cat,” the woman says as the animal bites her. “He’s free, with a litter box.”

As she calls the cat “kind,” it continues to hiss, pounce and bite her hands and arms.

Caught on camera: Cat saves boy from dog attack

“He loves to play, I think he’s teething,” she says sarcastically.

After smacking it off the couch, the woman turns to the camera and says, “This cat is stressing me out. I don’t want him anymore. If you want him, let me know and I’ll pack him up in a box today and give him to you, for free.”





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  • Hilary

    She said she travels a lot. No wonder the cat attacks her. He’s pissed off, bored and lonely when she’s gone. I went overseas for 5 months and my cat did exactly what hers did for 2 years before I managed to break her of that. I’m sure in the right home her cat will behave like a good cat. Her smacking it aggressively isn’t helping him stop either.

  • Dave Finkbeiner

    There has to be a Chinese restaurant around there that will take it lol. Seriously though, cats are vindictive creatures. They also stand there ground.

    • MadlyMad

      Dave, what you know about cats must be based on your research on the Lego site. And your humor is unappreciated and not really all that funny. It’s more telling of your need for attention. I have had cats as pets for years, and your comment is shallow and incorrect. Now, go and read a good book on feline behavior and then come back.

  • Cat Behaviorist

    Slapping your cat is a great way to teach him to attack! This person should NEVER have an animal!

  • cat lover

    This woman is entising the cat to attack by intentionally putting her hand near the cat when it walks away and overly waving her hand around when she talks. Plus hitting the cat is only going to make it attack you more. This cat should be adopted by someoe who knows how to take care of animals….for the cats benefit…not hers. She should never be able to own an animal again.

  • cindy

    Really? First off why focus on your boobs the whole time? Second when your kitten is playful waving your hands around attracts him to play. Third slapping him like that taught him how to slap her{boobs,arms}back. You could not see what her other hand was doing as it was tucked under her! Also who makes a video to get rid of a free cat? Most take pics! Anyway my conclusion is that this woman wants her and her boobs 15 minutes of fame! p.s. no I am not jealous of her boobs. I have very large boobs as well and somedays wish they were a lot smaller so I could buy nice tops,bra’s and have no back issues!

  • Laurie Glick

    Just Despicable Awful Woman- Please I pray The Cat isn’t just dumped Somewhere- Alone To fend For self- what a Bitch No wonder Cat Bites Her- u don’t smack a CAT

  • anthony

    The lady who everyone is talking about is nice and she will never harm her cat and the cat “Jimmy” never did or will ever hiss at her or anyone else. The cat just have some issuses and she do not know how to deal with it.

    • Susan

      Well Anthony she must not be too bright to think this is the right way to deal with this situation. Why post on the internet and show off big fake tits. She could have contacted behaviorists, veterinarians, Jackson Galaxy has a whole website devoted to issues with cats. Instead she chose this way. What does this say about her? Too me she wants attention and could care less for Jimmy.

  • Angelica I. Macias

    cats are attracted to a person waving their hands, maybe he thinks she’s playing with him. she states she’s rarely home so he mistakenly thinks that’s a form of trying to get his attention.

  • kiplingkat

    He isn’t aggressive. If he was actually attacking, he would be moving at 100 miles an hour, twisting, clawing and biting so hard he breaks skin. He’s trying to play. By hitting him, she is teaching him to play rougher, more aggressively. When a cat does something in play you don’t like, you walk away. Don’t interact, don’t give them the feedback they want. They will figure out that particular behavior means play ends and stop doing it.

    If she thinks hitting an animal is an appropriate or even an effective way to train, she should not have animals.

  • Wm

    Ok noobs, The cat wants to play fight. This coming from someone that owned cats all his life. Its a fake video as I can tell at one point the cat stopped and she waved her hand in front of him to start him up again. She just wants Video hits and 5 minutes of fame. Those saying slapping the cat around is animal cruelty are to funny and probably never had a cat before. Cats are very tough and like to play rough…..

  • Paula

    Somebody needs to help thus kitty !!!!! This woman does not realize all he wants to do is play!!!! Her hitting and pushing him away us not going to work how about trying a little attention !!!!!!

  • ACook

    This cat would only do that if the owner played with it aggressively as a kitten. You should NEVER use your hands as a toy. This only teaches a kitty to bite your hands. Always disassociate your hands from toys by using a play mitt or an actual toy. There may still be time to RE-TRAIN this cat.

  • Pamela Mattioli-Sandels

    Kitty’s behavior screams abuse! She or someone living in this household plays way too rough with this boy! Don’t slap your pets, they see that as aggression, plain and simple. Like your human children, you teach them how to treat you!

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