Brooklyn community outraged over new Cartoon Network show ‘Black Jesus’

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) -- Whether or not Jesus was a black man, the way he is being portrayed in the new comedy called "Black Jesus"  has some community leaders in Brooklyn outraged.

Oresa Napper Williams is organizing a national campaign to get the show pulled.

"It is outrageous, I can't believe a network would do something like this," Williams said.

A trailer for the show, that has not yet aired, was enough to cause a lot of people of faith to call for a boycott of the show. The show is set to  air on Adult Swim, a block of late-night programs that share space with the Cartoon Network on cable TV.

In an episode, Jesus persuades his disciples to help him turn a vacant lot into a community garden so they can grow their own marijuana. Their plan is threatened by a couple of Latino gangbangers who demand that Jesus and his disciples pay them for the right to have a marijuana garden in their neighborhood.

Some TV critics believe the show is risky but people have options. Critic TJ Walker, said, "I have a solution to all of this: just change the channel."

Cartoon Network could not be reached for comment



  • Pam Cassidy

    It’s not all that funny and more stereotyping and anti-Christian. Why does humor always have to be aimed so low class and disgraceful to get on TV? Waiting to see next series….starring Mohammed. Oh, right, he’s off limits.

  • winsome

    there is no ‘jesus’. Rome has given you all a pagan image of Serapas to ‘worship’ and you fell for it. The Christ was a black man; and the jews killed him–simple. People do not want black people to have any positive image or role models as there is an ongoing agenda to keep black people ‘asleep’ and unaware of their greatness and antiquity. White supremacy cannot live much longer and nothing spiritual ever came out of europe–so as soon as black people realise that–they will stop worrying about jesus and manifest themselves!

    • AFC

      He’s real – you just haven’t found him yet. And are Jewish people ghetto black people – no. Manifest themselves? You sound like every new age person that has been led astray by satan on Earth. Seek the truth.

  • Jwrtr6-8

    Read your Biblical description of Jesus. When you see the print that says he’s feet we’re like bronze, his hair described as wooly (like a lamb’s coat, and his eyes like fire (the red eye) then you know that the artistic renditions of him are totally false and the perception of him even more so! Like the man said miss community activist, if you don’t like it then change the channel! Another demonstration of people using religious offense to impose their will based upon their belief system.

  • Udonno

    It reeks of anti-christian propaganda. Imagine if it was Black Moses,,, the show wouldn’t be allowed to even make a trailer!

  • Hezekiah Walker

    This has nothing to do with whether you believe in Jesus Christ or not. This has all to do with the way Jesus Christ has been displayed since the beginning of time. He has never been displayed as some hoodlum thug who has no concerns about the hood becoming a neighborhood. Jesus the Christ has always been about empowerment and change. He has never been about weed, greed and continued ghetto living as this so called “Black Jesus” has depicted him to be. Many racial backgrounds are silent on this matter because the don’t consider “Black Jesus” to be their Christ. They view this as black people seeing Jesus Christ as they view us and as we view ourselves. So they will remain silent on this issue until the title changes from “Black Jesus” to “White Jesus” and white Jesus is depicted as such. I’m outraged and I’m speaking out because this is a poor and inacurate presentation of the black community as a whole but more importantly a bad inacurate presentation of Jesus the Christ son of the living GOD.

  • Rod

    How about we give the show a chance before we judge it. Its a TV series, maybe black Jesus evolves through the season and how he threats the poorest of the poor in the ghetto.

    Aaron is a smart and educated guy, his work have never been 2 Dimensional, so give it a chance before we form picket lines. Art is not always and shouldn’t always to be easy to swallow.

  • JWManning

    My wife and I have been watching Turner Broadcasting along with our extended family members, not to mention our circle of friends for many years. We are shocked to learn of the plan to broadcast “Black Jesus”.
    TCN is obviously out to attack and offend all Christian and Black Americans! This action from their organization strongly suggests to me and many others that they are exposing themselves as being part of the secularamerica that is out to destroy our nations strongest cornerstone. What they are doing is part of, or aiding to a hideous movement that wishes to take down all that is Holy, All that is Godly and All that has made America the outstanding nation it is, in spite of the flaws.
    If and when this nation falls, do any of these folks realize that this action they propose to take suggests they are part of the ugly mix of those who’s intentions are to send this nation into some strange antigod oblivion. It is my intention to find out their reasons why. I predict that TCN will suffer a sizable loss of viewership, should they go foward with this viewing
    – JWManning

  • Billie Godfrey

    It is a slap in the face of God…. Jesus was holy, loving, kind, without sin, sent to a lost and dying world to die for all our sins that we could have fellowship with him and the Father in Heaven… don’t think that they will get away with this mockery…God is not mocked… He will repay… shame on anyone who watches this and as for the white man that said we could just change the channel…. we don’t have to change channels… we have the right to have this kind of mockery removed from TV…. we don’t back down… he does.

  • mercedescoleen

    Well folks, I agree with Oressa and demand that this show should be pulled. First of all, the show has inaccurately portrayed Jesus of the scripture, intending to make a parody of his life and to influencing the susceptible into a careless and lawless lifestyle.

    Why don’t you try making a parody of Prophet Mohamed? You will be running for your lives. Think about that!!! and repent. Cowards.

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