Mom punishes her daughter by selling Katy Perry tickets on Facebook, sparks outrage

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FARGO, ND (PIX11) — A mother punished her daughter by selling her Katy Perry tickets online, but that’s not what’s getting people up in arms about her parenting.

Cindy Bjerke sold her 18-year-old daughter’s $110 tickets on Facebook with the headline: “spoiled brat daughter doesn’t deserve these tickets, for sale.”

The post to the Fargo Garage Sale page got 200 likes before it was taken down by administrators because of how controversial it became.

Bjerke won what she says was “a majority” of supportive comments as well as criticism.

“I think a lot of parents are like me,” Bjerke told WDAZ. “They feel like they’re being bullied on how they should parent their own children.”

But not everyone was buying it.

“I don’t think I’d go as far as publicly chastising my child for the whole world to see,” one man told WDAZ.

Bjerke doesn’t mind the criticism, and stands by her claim she never meant to embarrass her daughter, only to teach her a lesson.

“It doesn’t matter what side you’re on, you’re always wrong to somebody,” the mom said.



  • Luis Angel Arroyo

    Your the ass that posted it that way. You should’ve just put them up for sale and NOT mention the punishment part of it cause I think your daughter got the message. You added insult to injury…

  • Thewalrus

    I agree that the mothrr was behaving a little immature by publicly calling her child names on a social media but I also think she did the right thing bu punishing her in order to teach her a lesson kids these days are spoiled to the core but I just think it shouldve been in private not on a social media

  • michele Garcia

    You hit your child and people say its abuse! You take away something they really want and people say its abuse! You posted your post on a members only site and the immature ones were the ones who took screen shots and shared them. I dont see the problem you never mentioned the childs name so its not public humiliation! Plus for everyone for is on attack mode who’s to say the profile name of the mother is actually her real name! Theres no humiliation because who dont really know who they are. I would prefer punishment over physical any day. Bravo to this mom, she did it right!

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