Woman finds out son is dead for days after house starts to smell

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HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP/PIX11) — The mother of an 8-year-old Pennsylvania boy whose decomposing body was found on the third floor of their house says she didn't know he had died until noticing the smell.Kimberly Tutko tells Pennlive.com that her husband was the primary caretaker of their mentally disabled son.Tutko said she noticed a strange odor coming from the third floor of their home on Friday.

Jarrod then returned with their son, Jarrod Jr., wrapped in a sheet and laid him on the floor, Pennlive reports.

Tutko said her husband told her that their son had died days ago.

Police charged Jarrod Tutko on Saturday with child endangerment, concealing the death of a child and abuse of a corpse. Court records do not list an attorney for him.

It's not clear how the boy died. An autopsy is scheduled.

The couple's five other children have been placed in protective custody.



  • Rita Lynn Fletcher

    i think that the mom need to be in jail and good they took the other kids from them
    i dont what wrong with world but if u dont wont ur kids dont have any are give them to who wont them and be there for them

  • LaToya R.

    How did she not know he is missing for a days?????? The mother most definitnely needs to be in jail as well until they are finish with the investigation.

  • Ashley C

    This is truly a sad situation. The only way I can see the mom not knowing her kid was dead is if she maybe worked somewhere where she had to be physically out of the house for days. This is tragic and I hope the other kids in the house can recover from this.

  • Lisa

    If proof shows that the mother was HOME and didn’t check on her own son not once in days then she needs to be put away too… Even if the dad was the caregiver, she as the mother does not even look at her child…
    She better have been away for those days or she better be handicap that she could not get to the third floor and even then he should have been brought to her to see him… This is a sad and terrible situation and may that boy rest in peace and his sibblings be properly taken care of in the future… :(

  • W. GIBBS


  • Stephanie Filpo

    All I want to know how you don’t know that your son is missing I have a son with special needs and I’m always looking for for him as soon as I get home I don’t understand that? Why is the mother not in jail or for questioning

  • Angelica

    The father was the mother thats why he wanted to shelter his son and keep him safe in this sickening way thats was not humane the mother didnt give a damn cause how can live in the house with your kids and not see one and think its okay and why was he on the third floor the mother was probably ashame of him cause why would you place a disable child on the last floor when its probably difficult to get him down the steps

  • Lisa Marie

    not being the devil’s advocate but why is it always the mother fault for everything????? In fact, why are women always the scapegoat for everything that occurs in the world? Just curious

  • Lori

    As any good parent would worry…HOW THE HECK did she not even INQUIRE about the child every single day? This makes no sense and BOTH of them should be charged!!!!!!!!

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