Man who filmed Eric Garner chokehold arrested on weapons charges

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STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. (PIX11) -- The man who shot cellphone video of Eric Garner's arrest by chokehold has been arrested on weapons charges, police said.

Ramsey Orta, 22, was arrested Saturday night after members of the Staten Island Narcotics  Module were conducting an investigation near the Hotel Richmond on Central Avenue.

Police say they witnessed Orta talking to a 17-year-old woman in the area of Bay Street and Victory Boulevard.

They then witnessed the two walk to the hotel and leave a few minutes later.

Police recovered a .25 caliber Norton from Ramsey Orta on August 2, 2014. (DCPI)

Police recovered a .25 caliber Norton from Ramsey Orta on August 2, 2014. (DCPI)

When the officers questioned the two, they noticed Orta slip something into the waistband of the woman.

Authorities recovered an unloaded .25 caliber Norton semi-automatic gun, which was reported stolen in 2007 in Michigan.

Orta was arrested and charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

Orta's family tells PIX11 they believe he was set up.

The arrest was Orta's second for a firearm. He has previously been convicted of weapons possession, police said.

Police also arrested 17-year-old Alba Lekaj and charged her  with criminal possession of a weapon and unlawful possession of marijuana.

Chrissie Ortiz, Orta's girlfriend says the police have been watching him since he released the video of Eric Garner's death.

"Because they want him, of course they offer her a plea deal," said Ortiz. "She's gonna say whatever you want.

According to Ortiz, Orta had a nervous breakdown and is now on suicide watch at a hospital.

Patrolmen's Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch said, "the arrest of Ramsey for criminal possession of a firearm only underscores the danger that police officers respond to in a chronic crime condition in that community.  It is criminal's like Mr. Orta who carry illegal firearms who stand to benefit the most from demonize the good work of police officers."

Reverend Al Sharpton says attacking Orta's credibility doesn't change anything.

"The tape speaks for itself," Sharpton said.

Sharpton has called for police officer Daniel Pantaleo to be arrested saying he used excessive force on Eric Garner by placing him in a chokehold.

The medical examiner ruled last week that Garner died in part from a neck compression injury.


    • Michael

      agree, they are just looking to make this a justifiable homicide so that those involved get away with what it is… murder.

    • mike

      You mean the police “ARE” always going to be looking at him. Learn how to read, write, and speak correctly. PICK UP A BOOK.

      • mpv188

        My grammar is not on trial here, though it probably should be. However, the law does not try a case based on should’ve, would’ve or could’ve, you would know that if you yourself picked up a book.

  • lisa


    • Jose

      Please use correct English grammar. What are kids learning today. America is becoming the land of the uneducated .

  • Jose

    Does anyone in the public know what a real chokehold is? As a martial artist who owns his own dojo, i can tell you first hand, that was not a chokehold , people please come to my dojo for I can show you what a chokehold is. The ignorance is killing me. as for the officers they really did not commit any crime . As a law abiding citizen, when a police officer give me a order it has to be followed.

    • blackalaureate (@blackalaureate)

      jose, the NYPD is prohibited from performing ANY move at all that prevents air from getting into the body. it doesn’t matter what kind of hold it is, or if it’s not a perfect martial arts maneuver. they are not supposed to block the airway of citizens they interact with in any manner.

    • Michael

      Regardless of weather or not an officer gives us an order, it does not justify this officer’s actions. There is the medical examiner’s report, followed by the video evidence. I’m all for law enforcement, but that in no way suggests it is ok to use brutal force to uphold the law. It is my belief that all involved in provoking Mr. Garners death should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Police, Fire and EMT, are hired by the city to serve, protect, uphold the laws and clearly, neither of which was the case for the late Mr. Garner.

    • mpv188

      You suggest people use correct English, yet you failed to proof read your last statement. In any case these are simple comments. If you do not know how to read, or need perfection to understand what is relevant to the story I suggest you put mind over what matters and concern yourself with your own grammar. “Jose”

  • Justice

    So today (08/0314) a cop will stop a white guy on the road to give him a ticket and save his life because he’s getting a heart attack but they will kill a black guy screaming that he can’t breath instead of giving him a ticket….yeah that’s justice and not racist at all

  • Jose

    I disagree, I’m not in law enforcement but imsaw the video, it appears the man resisted arrest , did not comply with any of the officers lawful orders. The officer did not choke this man , they subdued a hugely obese d man and brought him to the ground. I see no fault what the officers did. It just seems coincidental it always happens to the same people. The only people in my opinion that give the police a hard time .

    • shadyville

      Your a fucking idiot point blank. Now proof read that shit dumbass. Somebody needs to choke your ass

      • Jose

        Aww, I was wondering how long it was going to take before some ghetto kid starts cursing and making low class threats. I am Puerto Rican grew up in the hood never had a bad encounter with a cop. In fact many go to my dojo and train there. I rather deal with a person like a cop who has morals than some low life who’s only course is to curse and make threats. Lol

    • Jose

      You guys really hate the police that much that you would say they intentionally took a unloaded firearm fromn the criminal who filmed it. You guys are off your rocker.

      • tony

        if you cant see this as a possibility jose you are really off your really been couped up in that dojo of yours way too say you come from the hood..u need a refresher course sir.. go back for a minute this is 2014..dont know what year your living in..

  • Kaycee

    Jose ur just as low as the cops… you have no knowledge what so ever… your just speaking from your ass… sit down, read a book, and educate your dumb ass.

    • Jose

      Kaycee, I own my own martial arts school , when people start cursing , calling names etc they already lost.. The point of the matter is people like you hate cops regardless what they do. Often times it’s the uneducated , the poor or the criminals who hate the police. Most times but not all, when people hate the police they come from a poor upbringing or a feeling of no way out. I was poor once my self, grew up in the Webster houses in the bronx, but guess what I got out. I didn’t blame the police for my problems, I blamed myself. Sometimes you got to take a step back and look in the mirror and hope you like what you see. The police in ny have a hard time dealing with perp. I call a spade a spade, if you hate cops your a perp. I can bet my bottom dollar that many of you have been arrested or have criminal records.

      • Michael

        ¡¡¡Dime quien tu eres, y te dire quien soy!!! Es verdad que el fallecido desobedecio una orden, sin embargo eso no justifica en lo absoluto lo bruto que fueron con ese señor. Y en tu caso caballero, puede que alla salido de la pobresa pero esta mas que claro que no se te a quitado lo ignorante. Ruegale a dio que no te vez tu mismo en una situacion similar o peor, por simplemente querer tener un peso en tu bolsillo. Si por gente como tu ay un refran que dice lo siguiente, “el mono aun que se viste de seda mono se queda”.

      • AYR

        It was ruled a HOMICIDE!!! Get over it! Arguing over whether it was technically a “chokehold” or not won’t return this man to his family! Yes his response to the police was unwise Precisely because they are prone to this type of over- reaction ( but Only in poor neighborhoods of Color)and Mr Garner should have been Well aware of this being a resident of such a neighborhood and a member of this group targeted by the NYPD for decades. Can you say “Uncle Tom”?

      • Jose

        Another stupid statement , “uncle Tom” why because I did something with my self? Lol, then yes call me a uncle Tom. So if you listen to hip hop and wear your pants below your waist your acting black and that’s ok? stu0pod. That’s is why people like you stay low level. Just more education

        Homicide is the act , murder is the crime . Its up to the DAY to make a determination if it was murder or not , example if anyone in this world killed someone and forced was used it would be ruled a homicide . Homicide is not a criminal charge. just FYI. Back to your stupid uncle tom statement you disrespect yourself when yiu say that because you attribute doing good with being a uncle tom.. a minority who does well is not a uncle tom , lol. Should i sell weed on the block for I won’t be called a uncle tom. I am Latino, not black or white . But yes call me a uncle tom , shows I made something out of my life. Stay poor my friend and forget about school. I.say stay hip hip it will help you. Lol

  • superjedi2k12 p

    You mean to tell me that they stalked this boy and aressted him for an unloaded gun but that racist cop killed a man on camera and not only is he not being arrested and charged but he still keeps his job? Askme why I dont care when I hear a cops got murdered.

    • Jose

      Yes , that is correct the cops did not purposely kill him. He resisted arrest and refuse lawful orders. Had that man followed orders and listened he woukd be alive today . The police are in the business to arrest regsrdless if its a small crime. They just can’t simply walk away. This was not murder , listen to the police and this won’t happen. Its called being a good American.

      • Blough Me

        Meh……’doing their jobs’, yes, that along with ‘following orders’ was used as a defense by Nazis on trial after WW2. So please take a lesson from history instead of plugging yourself and your dojo in this discussion. Nobody cares about your accomplishments or the fact that you hang out with cops. This is America, not North Korea you unamerican fascist.

      • tony

        you are definitely a bonafide asshole .being a good know how stupid you sound..this is nyc asshole..few and far good americans around including cops..they shouldve choked your ass out then you would know..yeah they are in the business of arresting problem but your so ignorant you would make a comment that people attribute doing something with yourself as being an uncle tom..wrong a minority .i do well.never been an uncle tom..never been not blind though..blatant evidence in your and video and your ignorant ass cant even see it..i understand though..this is what ignorance does to people like you.real sad sir.real sad.blame it on the victim .hes been arrested how many has nothing to do with the other sir.stop being judgemental and look at this case and the blatant facts..these cops were wrong..your ignorance is whats blinding you right now..thats what ignorance these cops are so well trained and they cant make mistakes and none of them harbor ignorance and racism..if you believe that your a fool.make one wrong move jose they gonna drape your ass up too.then you will change your tune..i can see why you were called an uncle tom..probably got where your at cause you probably kissed ass to get there.been around a lot of people like you jose..your a dime a dozen in ny.cudos to you for your success sir..everybody is not like you but dont sit there and blame the victim in this instance.wrong answer.

  • LEO Ryebread

    Of course it’s homicide. One man killed another, but If the prosecution goes in for Murder, they will lose, plain and simple, but if they go in for Involuntary Manslaughter due to Recklessness, then high probability that they will win.

  • Rob

    I know cops. I know that we have good cops and we have bad cops. I am sure that back in the 6 ‘ s when cops used dogs and water pressure on poor honest black citizens that they were just doing their job. Those bad black people the nerve of them of them for wanting to be treated right. This guy with his dojo is lost and out of touch with the world. Yes we have black and Hispanic people in the community doing bad. We also have a lot of them trying to do the right thing. A lot of cops still live in the 60 ‘ with that same mentality about black people. That they are not on the same level as white. Like black lives are not worth much at all. In this case this is what happened. This needs to stop and something needs to change. Cops are not above the law. They can not go around bothering people for the heck of it. This man did did no real crime. They killed a man that sold lose cigarettes at one time. WOW public enemy # 1. This is so sad. A father is gone and some people say he deserves what he got. Why because he is black? The police have a hard job, yes. Does that job make them a free to break the law? Does that job make them free to bully others? No!!!!! They should be held to a higher standard because they are cops. They should be the people we tell our children to turn to when they are in trouble. Change has to come.

  • Jose

    Not here to insult anyone . I was called a uncle tom which is very disrespectful. I am not out of touch. The problem is this that the people do not realize. A police officer gives an order it.must be followed there is no debate. Had this man complied instead of resisting police orders he would be alive today. Regsrdless if the crime is small the police are in the business of correcting the issue. Once the police arrive its yes officer or no officer,, its not FU officer. Officers have a tough job and it doesn’t help when you berate the police for doing their jobs. Listen and the police go away, act a fool and they stay.

    • tony

      stop generalizing and stop living in a fantasy world jose.listen and the police go away.what city are you living in cause this is nyc.

  • Joseph Simms

    I didnt realize that so many peole are ignorant to the fact that police brutality exists.. it goes on all over the USA. It happened to me several times.. it makes me smile to know that some else understands.. question.. who watches the watchers?

  • Andrew

    Hello My name is Andy I went back and forth with my Cousin who is a police officer about this Video when it first Happened, & I was told by my cousin that the officer had done nothing wrong! and that the proof that he could still breath was the fact that he was talking, So what I then did was expel every bit of air from my body and I Managed to repeat the same phrase not 7 times like Mr Garner, But 13 times, My point was proven

  • Andrew

    Do You know this has all been planed and that Your playing rite into there Hands. Ask Your selves Why? we see this Video all over main street Media and not any of the other Video’s that are all over the web. Listen! for the Most part we are all educated and know Right” from Wrong” No Matter what side of the tracks You grew up on, Where? You went to School, or what? color your skin is. People do You Hear Your selves, Please tell Me why? Adult’s Who no better” Continue to put one another Down, On the Internet were there is No!!! Race,or Color”,You do know we are all Created Equal And that God the Father Loves us all the same Did You know our President wasn’t Elected, But Selected For the very Reason of Driving a Stake between us all.and Destroying Our Beautiful Country That! So many have Worked So hard to Build, Not to Mention all the Men and Women that have given there Lives for us, And I Don’t Mean 911, Oklahoma City, or the Boston Marathon, which were Staged by our own Government to instill fear in You and I Ask Your selves Why? Our President goes on Vacation after Vacation at the tune of 10s of Millions of Dollars every time he leaves. He & our Govt know the reaction it will bring, To some it will be How dare he? when we have Nothing, And to others it will be! Good for them they owe us for living in Poverty. And that is exactly the way they wan’t us to think?.. For It helps them with there main goal of Destroying America and Ushering in a One World Government

  • Jose

    People are simply cop haters. No matter what a cop does he is seen in a negative light. You ever go in the hood and ask people about the police? Do you go to middle class neighborhoods and ask people about the police? Two different worlds. I understand some of you grew up in that culture , I did too, but many embrace it, that’s not my culture. My culture is being a stand up American. You guys should thank America for having a say because if any of you went to your country of birth you would be begging to come back. I am not saying all cops are good, but the vast majority are. I see you guys care more about the police and their issues than the perps who kill and destroy your communities . Nobody says crap about these hood rats/scum who terrorize your communities , kill there own people and sell drugs to their people, but the very same people will disrespect cops for maybe 2 or 3 incident a a year that many times that person caused his problem. I don’t want my kids learning nothing from the hood, I’m turning 30 soon, finally grew up and saw it for what it is. I feel bad for the people who do good in the hood and try to get out but the savages element destroy’s whats left of the good people. In my circle cops are praised not ridiculed. I thank them every day for the tough jobs they do. If the cops weren’t around the savages would rule the city and turn this place into a third world country where it looks like its headed.

    • tony

      once again your ignorance is showing jose…i tell comes out .you cant help it..its in say people are simply cop haters.wrong answer jose..thats your ignorance talking. ignorance blinds people joe..your one of them and its real sad to know that people like you are walking around here a dime a dozen..glad in your circle you praise cops ..cudos to you.. your ignorance shows again because your discussing things that are debatable in another forum..stick to the subject at hand joe.stop looking for excuses.we can go back and forth on these subjects..right now you are interpreting the same video/audio that everyone else is seeing and hearing in your own ignorant way..thats the bottom line joe..dont steer off the subject at hand jose.your showing your wasnt a choke hold you say…yeah right ignorant one…tell any one with any sense that shit they gonna know what type of messed up individual you really are .hey i thank the cops for the good job they do too…but unlike you i know what is right and what is wrong..this what happened was wrong joe.if it were one of yours you wouldn’t be talking that praising cops shit…would you?and stop calling people savages cause you showing your ignorance over and over real sad sir…sign off…

  • Jose

    I am ignorant because I am Hispanic and defending cops, a big taboo in hood circles. You call that a choke hold???, the guy was morbidly obese , asthmatic and obviously has health problems. The medicAl examiner already stated there was no pressure damage to the neck. This case is a difficult case for the prosecution , the cop did not intentionally go there to kill him. The cop will be acquitted and rightfully so. And do me a favor stop grouping blacks and Latinos together as if we are the same. Its cool too look bigger but you definately don’t speak for me. black problems are black problems not latino problems .

    • Joseph Jones

      No jose.. your not ignorant because ur a hispanic that supports cops. Your ignorant for many other reasons. First of all , we are all human. Black problems, latino problems? How about human rights problems? Jose. U are a clown.. some cops are good, some are bad. Some hispanics are good, like my wife, and some are clowns, like u

  • Jose

    Again , you guys resort to name calling when you guys lose a debate. Being called ignorant because I don’t agree with you is a big no no . The N YPD is the largest police force in the world totaling over 30,000 members ,99% being Good people . you guys are really cop haters . Probably got a ticket , was arrested or probably you annoyed them with your B.S. and now you hate them.

    • Joseph Jones

      Jose.. have u ever been beaten by a police officer when u didnt deserve it? I have… u know not of what you speak

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