Australian couple rejects baby with Down syndrome, leaves him with surrogate

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(PIX11) — An Australian couple who rejected their baby carried by a surrogate because he had Down syndrome is at the center of an international controversy.

In Australia, commercial surrogacy is illegal and many couples seek surrogates from other countries.

The couple, who has remained anonymous, used a surrogate from Thailand.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, about three months into the pregnancy Pattharamon Janbua found out she was carrying twins.

A month later, doctors discovered that one of the babies had Down syndrome.

Upon the discovery, the biological parents pushed for Janbua to have an abortion.

Citing her Buddhist beliefs, she refused to have an abortion.

When the babies were born in December, the couple took the healthy girl and left the boy, now known as Gammy, with the surrogate.

An online campaign for Gammy has exceeded their initial goal of $200,000. (CNN)

An online campaign for Gammy has exceeded their initial goal of $200,000. (CNN)

Pattharamon never met the parents or received her payment in full.

To help pay for Gammy’s operations and healthcare, a “Hope for Gammy” campaign was launched to raise $200,000.

As of Sunday night, the campaign has exceeded their goal.

“Our hearts are filled with love for people around the world who have taken time out of their lives to give thought to Gammy,” the post stated.

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