What’s trending: August 1, 2014

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

“Sharknado 2” ratings record: “Sharknadoes may not be good for humankind, but they’re definitely great for ratings. “Sharknado 2” became SYFY’s most watched original movie Wednesday night with 3.9 million viewers tuning in. The sequel chewed up and spit out the original Sharknado, soaring 183% in total viewers. Of course, a third installment of the franchise is already in the works.

Tofu license plate: A Tennessee woman wanted a vanity license plate to declare her love of tofu, but the DMV said no way. Here’s why: Whitney Calk is a vegan and wanted to tell the world about it. She asked the state for a plate that read “I LV TOFU” L-V standing for love. The Tennessee DMV denied the request because the plate was deemed too vulgar. If you look at the letters and read them a different way, it doesn’t quite spell out the tofu loving message she intended.

Dancing diva or seizure attack: A woman is getting a lot of attention for her dancing, but it likely isn’t for the best reasons. She’s called by some, “the best dancer on the internet.” One thing is for sure, she has a ton of energy. She’s able to keep up those core dance moves for several minutes. People around her can’t help but watch this phenomenon that’s happening right before their eyes. The video has been shared 24,000 times from one Facebook account.

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