Mayor de Blasio responds to Rev. Sharpton’s ‘Dante would be a candidate for a chokehold’ comment

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- "If Dante wasn't your son, he'd be a candidate for a chokehold."

When the Rev. Al Sharpton produced this unforgettable quote at City Hall on Thursday, it raised the eyebrows of nearly everyone in the room with the exception of the one person he was directing the quote at.

"I think he has a right to offer any example he wants," said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Friday afternoon, de Blasio addressed the comment at a media availability in Red Hook. "Do I agree with everything he says? No, but I think he's been respectful and we have a productive relationship."

The comment once again put the mayor's teenage son, Dante, in the spotlight, and like last summer, it has to do with the NYPD and how the department conducts business.

When PIX11 News asked the mayor if he and Dante had a conversation about the quote and if his son had any concerns about being out front and center once again, he said, "Dante is a very sophisticated young man and very knowledgable so yes of course I told him what happened and I think his broad view is, you know he understands he happens to be in the public eye."

Dan Gerstein is a political operative based in Midtown.  The communications strategist says that Dante will always be fair game.

"The Mayor during his campaign featured his family prominently, they are one of the reasons he got elected, one of the reasons he was able to connect with voters, because his family looks like New York, and in particular Dante was featured in an ad that many credit with helping him win the primary.  So he can't be surprised when people make issues about his family."

Mayor de Blasio admits he has no issue with it, as he told PIX 11 News his son is well versed in the political realm. "Dante is someone who is really very, very mature. So he's aware of it, and to him it's just another day in this work we do."



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