It’s A “G” Thing: Timeless Torches dance team

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“What’s your best move?" I asked Betty Mack, 62 years 'young'. "It’s called the booty shake!”

Oh yes, and man can she move!

The Timeless Torches is a senior dance team," Crescia Richardson, the team's coach said. “[They range]from the ages of 40 to 74 and perform at the [New York] Liberty Games.”

“We’re here to show people that no matter what your age is what you body type or size are, if you can dance, you can bring it!” Margaret Hamilton, 44, said.

And they've been bringing it for an entire decade. Both Betty and Margaret have been on the team all 10 years.

“What was your reaction when you got that call?" I asked Betty. "I said, they gotta be kidding, they gotta be kidding," Betty said. "Me? Madison Square Garden, on the floor dancing.”

Being a Timeless Torch definitely comes with it's benefits!

"It’s fast, It’s groovy, sexy,” Roger Nick, 66, said while moving his hips.

“It helps me with my knees, my arthritis," Yvonne Wise, 62, explained.

“This is a fun exercise," Margaret said. "We love doing it because you do lose weight, you do get in shape.”

“I love the free food!" Yvonne added.

Well, I didn't get any free good, but I did learn some moves.

"It’s beautiful to see people this age still dancing, and showing their talent to the world," Crescia said.

“It’s exciting, it makes you feel like you’re young," Shirley Koehler, 71 years 'young' said. "I feel like I’m 21 when I’m out there.”

And man, does the crowd get on its feet!

“When we perform we get like standing ovations," Margaret said. "Everybody loves us!”

“One time, I looked up into the stands and, you know how they hold up the players heads? Betty explained. "A fan had my head, my whole face.”

“Even the players sometimes have to stop what they’re doing," Crescia added. "They’re like woah! They don’t expect it.”

All 12 members of the team come from different backgrounds.

“We would’ve never run into each other if it wasn’t for this team," Margaret said.

But, the Timeless Torches is more than just a team.

“It’s like one big happy family," Margaret said. "Once you’re part of team, you’re always part of the team.”

So, the next time you think you're too old to do something, think again!




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