Family, friends react to ME’s homicide ruling of Eric Garner’s chokehold death

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STATEN ISLAND (PIX11) --  Taisha Allen shot one of the cell phone videos that captured pictures of the apparent chokehold allegedly used by police officer Daniel Pantaleo.

Allen said she felt relieved when the New York City Medical Examiner ruled that Eric Garner died from compression to the neck and chest while being physically restrained by police officers.

While Allen says she understands that Garner's asthma, obesity and high blood pressure were contributing factors in his death, according to the ME, it was that apparent chokehold that so concerned her when she took the cellphone.

"They treated him like an animal," Allen told PIX11.

No one answered the door at the Garner home on Bond Street but neighbors talked about a kind friendly man who many looked up to and they felt some sense of justice once they heard the ME's cause of death.

"Sometimes police officers act like they are superman," Quinn Rodriguez, a neighbor of Garner, said.

Rodriguez is the  son and stepson of NYPD police officers so he says he usually understands the police position but not this time, a time he says when serious police retraining is needed.


  • Ming S Chow

    Feel sorry for Mr Garner’s death; but you also could see the officer is shorter and smaller than Mr Garner that was how the choke hole occurred. The officer tried to hold him from behind the neck but he was so short that’s why he choked him on the major part of his neck which he didn’t mean to. I have been a high blood pressure and heart disease patient for years and we,including Mr Garner couldn’t take any “sudden” attack.

    • V for Vendetta

      haha really. So you’re saying this is okay because the cop was shorter than Garner? The police don’t have the right to attack someone unprovoked!!! Police work for the people, they don’t rule the people. Stop defending these pigs. If you want to live in a place where police are above the law then go live in China, Russia, or any number of other countries around the world. Pigs get roasted. Feel free to join them you bacon lover.

  • The Truth

    He resisited arrests and was selling illegal ciggarettes. He should have done what he was told plain and simple.

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