Is Israel losing the war of public opinion?

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NEW YORK (PIX11)-- As Israel's conflict with Hamas intensifies so does the outrage over the civilian casualties in Gaza.

There has been a spike in Antisemitism and condemnation in Germany, France, China and all Arab and Muslim countries. The daily images of the dead and dying are powerful and are impacting the court of public opinion against Israel.

Israel has an incredible defense system against incoming Hamas rockets and has suffered some 60 deaths in the weeks-long battle. In sharp contrast, there have been more than 1300 Palestinian deaths, 70 percent of them civilians, including more than 250 children.

Israel defends its action, claiming Hamas is responsible for the civilian casualties because it uses them as shields in areas where there are military installations. The Palestinians deny civilians are being used as shields and contend there is no evidence to support the assertion. Still, the images are powerful, many of them being transmitted on social media. #GazaUnderAttack has registered more than 4 million tweets, compared to 200,000 tweets for #IIsraelUnderFire.

Despite the outcry over the number of casualties, support for Israel remains high in the U.S. A Pew Research study found the twice as many Americans blame Hamas for the latest conflict that blame Israel. And about half think Israel's military operation is an appropriate response.


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    Israel is alone, fighting an ongoing war against fundamentalist Islam. A war that is all of western society’s responsibility to meet and face and answer. Don’t let them fight your wars for you, and protect YOUR constitutionally protected freedoms while you sit on your lazy, cowardly asses and traduce them with fresh doses of ignorant invective daily. Fundamentalist Islam gives us genocide, suicide bombings, fatawas, blowing up of girls schools, persecution of homosexuals, persecution of women, honor killings, 9/11, 7/7, draconian sharia punishments like stonings, and beheadings for “crimes” of apostasy (trying to leave the religion), cutting off hands, whipping women on public television for wearing pants… Come on, People. Answer carefully: When has Israel done anything like this? Never. Islam is a broken system that guarantees that some percentage of its votaries will be psychopathic theologically warped maniacs and murderers. Guarantees.

    Israel, on the other hand is the ONE truly free democratic nation that has freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, they’re the number 2 exporter of technology in the world, number 1 in agricultural techniques and they TEACH these techniques to everyone and anyone, they serve humanity on all fronts, there’s a ridiculously inordinate and disproportionate number of Jewish Israeli Nobel Laureates, strong in education, brilliant in science. The one bastion of peace and liberty in the most backward and benighted region on the globe. And every day of their tyrannized lives they’re surrounded by 7th century religious fervor and brutality. Israeli attacks are defensive. Ask yourself what other nation would endure rockets being launched into their country on a daily basis. None. Israel is NOT the aggressor. Nothing could be more plain. Don’t take my word for it. Just inform yourselves. Show me one Israeli leader going on television and saying, “Death to Iran,” or, “Let’s drive Islam into the sea” No. They NEVER do that. They don’t WANT that. They want peace. But search “Death to America, Death to Israel” in youtube and see how many Arabic counties are doing that and poisoning generations of people against Israel. What has the Arab world given humanity in the last 1000 years other than heartache? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    Inform yourselves. Take a stand now or get ready to let your children and grandchildren clean up the problem of fundamentalist Islam themselves because you were a lazy coward who GAVE freedom and liberty away and handed the world over to monsters. There’s no more time. Take a stand NOW or lose everything that’s worth having. 

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