Hurricane Hunters Aircraft investigating what could become Bertha

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The National Hurricane Center has sent a reconnaissance airplane to the tropical wave some 500 miles east of the Lesser Antilles. The latest satellite shows the high clouds tops and thunderstorms just north of the center of the storm. The system is also moving into an area that has some drier air in the mid-levels of the atmosphere along with some wind shear which prevents it from developing further at this time.

Recent observations recorded from the plane found that the storm is producing winds of 40-45 mph which would be good enough to call it a Tropical Storm. However, with surrounding conditions that the storm has goes through, further development will go on a moderate pace as it heads to the Eastern Caribbean. The National Hurricane gives the tropical wave a 70% of developing into at least of depression

Regardless of whether it becomes a depression, a named cyclone or neither, parts of the Lesser Antillies will have to deal with heavy rain and gusty winds this weekend as the storm passes by.

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