Big sister who wants brother to be a baby forever becomes latest crybaby to go viral

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – “I don’t want him to grow up!”

It’s a simple request from one big sister that’s melting millions of hearts on YouTube.

Five-year-old Sadie Miller cries a river in a now-viral YouTube video which has amassed over 10 million views in 48 hours.

“Do you want him to stay little forever?” Sadie’s mom asks the little girl.

“Yeah, he’s so cute,” Sadie says, hugging her baby brother. "Oh you are so cute. I love your cute little smiles."

In an interview with CNN via Skype, the girl’s mom Lindsay Miller, explains why she posted the video on YouTube.

"I was making this video so she could see in 10 years how funny it is that she was doing this."

Sadie’s cry-fest isn’t the first kiddie meltdown to captivate the YouTube nation.

Remember four-year-old Jack, upset because Apple switched to the iOS7 operating system?

Or little Abigail, who was fed up with the 2012 election campaign.

There’s no denying that these kids are cute, but the fact is they’re crying. They’re heartbroken. They’re sad. Why is that funny?

“I think it’s cute,” mom Bianca Romero told PIX11 News. “People just want to share their moments with their children and the funny things that come out their mouth.”

Helen Dworak, a mom who saw Sadie’s meltdown on Facebook, explains that the fascination has more to do about curiosity rather than actually getting a kick out of seeing kids cry.

“I think it’s more like ‘here’s something a friend on Facebook put it up their [newsfeed] and then you click on it without even thinking about it.”

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