A peak at the foods of the future

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NEW YORK (PIX11)-- Ever heard of 'salt minus the salt' or tried 'meatless meats?' They are some of our every day foods and ingredients but with a twist.

The team at the 'O' the Oprah magazine tried out these "Foods of the Future"-- and Health Editor Jihan Thompson joins us now with a taste.

  • Slimmed-down peanut butter: A PB2 is a powdered peanut butter with significantly reduced calories made by slow roasting peanuts, pressing out the oil and adding a touch of sugar and salt. You can mix it into smoothies or add water to create a spreadable consistency.
  • Salt, minus the salt: Salt for Life was created through a process that blends sea salt with potassium and rice flour and contains 544 milligrams of sodium per tablespoon (regular table salt has 2,325)
  • Meatless meat: By combining plant-based ingredients (amaranth, carrot fiber, soy and pea proteins), Beyond meat attempts to replicate the taste, aroma, and texture of beef. It's products maintain meat's naturally high protein but has zero cholesterol.


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