Move over selfie — the usie is the new social photo phenomenon

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(PIX11) — Replace the “self” in selfie with “us” and you have “usie” –- an increasingly popular name for a group selfie.

Pronounced uss-ee, the word “usie” (also spelled “ussie”) has been showing up in written materials since April 2013, according to Ben Zimmer, executive producer of and language columnist for The Wall Street Journal, the AP reported.

In March, The Times of India said 2014 seemed to be the year for the usie, while its predecessor “selfie” took 2013 as Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year. Michal Ann Strahilevitz, a professor at Golden Gate University in San Francisco who studies consumer behavior, told AP the term usie “a growing trend” that has “more social value than selfies.”

Usie wasn’t used to describe famous group selfies like Ellen DeGeneres’ Academy Awards photo that broke Twitter or Jimmy Kimmel’s photo with the Clinton family in March. New Zealand’s 3 News said DeGeneres’ photo sparked a ‘groupie’ trend instead.

Pope Francis’ group selfie at the Vatican last summer could be “the first chronicled celebrity usie,” according to The Times of India.

“There are countless variations on the theme, including ‘twofie,’ ‘threefie,’ et cetera, if you want to specify the number of people photographed,” Zimmer told the AP.

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