Lockport PD asks if the word ‘negro’ is offensive

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LOCKPORT, N.Y. (PIX11) — An upstate New York police department saw their attempt at social media outreach go horribly awry when they queried residents if the word “negro” is offensive.

Reminiscent of when the the NYPD launched the #MyNYPD hashtag (that backfired in a big way), the Lockport Police Department posted “Question Is the word “negro” an offensive word or just an outdated word?” on there official Facebook page.

(Screengrab via Gawker)

(Screengrab via Gawker)

The inquiry started after a local news station highlighted that the department had listed a suspect in a series of shootings as a “dark negro” on his mugshot sheet. Apparently, its procedure to list a suspect’s complexion.

Many commented that word is simply “outdated” and also asked why the n-word was seen as offensive.


The post quickly took a turn for the worst, with people wondering why the question was even asked in the first place.


(Screengrab via Gawker)


The department commented on the post to diffuse any confusion that the question was a joke or the result of being hacked.  Mark Sanders, who describes himself as African-American and the Community Policing Aide, noted that he was the one who posted the question, as one of his responsibilities is to “connect with the community and support the bridge between community and the police department.”

(Screengrab via Gawker)

(Screengrab via Gawker)

The department has since deleted the question from its Facebook page.

To read more of the comments before the post was deleted, click here.

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