Anti-Islam flyers found in Brooklyn neighborhood

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BENSONHURST, Brooklyn (PIX11) -- Police are looking for whoever left anti-Muslim flyers at the Shore Haven apartment complex in Bensonhurst.

The flyer,  written in bold capital letters and punctuated with lots of exclamation marks,  reads "Islamists! Go to your country!!!  USA  hates you!!!  You are terrorists and (expletive!!!)  You are the second Holocaust!!!!"

"I feel very bad," said Islam Herit, who is Muslim and a Shore Haven resident.  "I'm proud to be Muslim .  My religion asks me to respect everybody."

Herit,  who came to this country from Egypt 14 years ago,  said he's hurt but not completely surprised. He said the chilling flyer is the work of racists who don't understand the Muslim religion.

"They believe what they believe," Herit said.

Police responded to a call just after midnight Saturday from a woman who reported seeing the flyer posted on a wall in her hallway.   Police said several more flyers were found on another floor and in the lobby, as well as in the building next door.

"There's a lot of people who are rude to them (Muslims).  I've seen things being thrown at them," said Ashley Liss, who lives in one of the Shore Haven buildings.

"I think that's very uncalled for.  We're all Americans out here.  This is a free world no matter what. So I'm really surprised,”  said resident Elizabeth Osoto.

Brooklyn Councilman Mark Treyger said it was an attack not just against one group but against the whole community.

"We’re going to double down  on uniting as one neighborhood because that flyer aims to divide, intimidate and send a chilling message of fear, which we’re not going to accept,” said Councilman Treyger.


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