Oy!: MTA plans toll and fare hike — and another one looms after that

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- Get ready to pay more for your commute.

The MTA announced plans Monday to move forward with a planned toll and fare hike starting next year, but the increase may not be as high as originally thought.

The agency likely will put into effect a 4 percent fare hike for 2015, less than the original proposed hike of 7.5 percent.

It's still unclear how that 4 percent will be spread across individual fares, weekly and monthly discounts and commuter trains.

If the increase is spread out evenly, this is what it would like in fare pricing:

  • Single ride would go from $2.50 to $2.60
  • Weekly unlimited pass would rise from $30 to $31.20
  • 30-day unlimited pass would jump from $112 to $116.50

The planned increase will not be impacted by recent labor agreements with bus, subway and LIRR workers. Instead, the MTA will pay for those higher salaries by dipping into reserve funding.

The $14 billion budget revealed this week calls for $20 million in improvements, including additional select bus service. The MTA will also increase staffing to prevent equipment failure and respond to track problems faster.

Even though the fare hike is less than originally planned, commuters aren't out of the woods just yet.

The next fare hike is scheduled for 2017. Right now, that increase is scheduled to be another 4 percent.



  • Naomi mills

    MTA wanting to raise fairs again is crazy… How about u don’t it’s going to get to a point where people can’t even take public transportation because they want an arm and a leg to use it

  • Carol Lee

    If everyone wants to protest just walk through and don’t pay. Some will be arrested most won’t because they can’t handle millions of arrests not enough man power. If millions get on the trains without paying they will still have to run anyway. But the point will be made. Buses I still have to find a way. What hell people are not cash cows.

  • mass

    You gotta be fuckin kidding me. You know how many stations you guys havent fixed where there literally rotting away from the ceiling down. You know how many times your shitty machines ate my money ? You know how many bums and drug addicts are on subway carts with garbage and doing nasty shit ? You know how many times ive waited hours for train to hear the service is messed up… and you guys want another hike ? Fucken rediculous.

    • Luis Cabrera

      Just the other day I was waiting for the 3 train to arrive at 145th street on a very sweltering humid day. It took those assholes 20 minutes to announce that there were delays and that we had to take a shuttle bus to get to the places we needed to be. I got to work late and had trouble getting that bad taste out of mouth. It’s ridiculous how delay the services on damn near weekly basis which gets people late to work, yet they have the nerve to rip us off for piss poor and lackluster transportation. A bunch of crooks working in that organization I tell ya

  • Luis Cabrera

    How about they spend those tax dollars they marginally get in ripping us off to fix the sporadic signal damages that gets us late to work or school? This city’s public transportation is a huge pile of monkey fecal matter!

  • M

    What in the world like its getting too expensive to live here. If they wanna raise the transportation on the trains then raise the money on everything else how about peoples pay checks whoever gets income raise it as well because $116 for a montly is soo ridicolous other places a montly is $50 this is too crazy pretty soon people are going to move out of nyc and go somewhere cheaper. Nyc is not the greatest city anymore is the city where they will rape you for your money. Uhh if those people only understood how crazy it is to raise the fair. F You Mta! We should protest noone pays the train or noone uses the trains lol but that wont happen oh well

  • pz

    This is bullshit. They talk about all the Improvements that I personally never see happen . I’ve been living in the city all my life it’s ridiculous

  • Jo

    Supposedly, the system costs $11billion to run and $5billion to for maintenance/upgrades according to tstc.org. That leaves $4Billion left over, not including revenue from fares, advertisements and retailers. This makes the fair hike unreasonable and is basically telling me the MTA is taking advantage of their government mandated monopoly.

  • jrasero23

    Not a surprise. The system itself need billions and not millions in repair and these small incremental price increases does nothing to resolve the issue for the millions of people who ride public transportation each day. Part of the problem is due to neglect but the other is the MTA paying their employees generously. In 2011 the post did a report on MTA salaries: the average city transit worker — mostly union members — took in $69,126. Over 10,000 employees in 2014 earned six figures. The average salary for an intern is almost $15.00. Station agents salary comes out to an average salary of $25 per hour with the opportunity for massive overtime. So the person who sits in a box and basically does nothing makes $48,000+ a year. Why is all this happening. The damn union. I am all for unionization, but their union is out of control

  • T

    Guys. It’s a 4 percent hike. You’ll be spending 10 cents more every trip. Calm down.

    If you still want to complain about the price of transit, complain about the automobile subsidies (which you pay for) that are keeping MTA prices higher.

    • Tammy

      For someone like me, T, I’m paying $112 a month for the crappy service that they call an improvement. I can barely afford that price. Now they want to go up to $116? You have to understand that people are struggling to survive here in this city. Every little penny, dime, nickel and quarter counts here. And with no rise in salaries nowhere in site, we have to have a break somewhere. So what looks like pennies to you is a lot to most. We’re paying for a service that is at best improving at a crawls pace. The only good thing about this is that its not right away.

      • Diamons

        If you’re barely getting by learn to educate yourself and get a better job. Learn a skill that makes your value worth more. It’s not the governments job to make sure you can afford to stay in this city it’s your job to be worth more money.

  • Anna

    4 percent hike is a huge fucking issue to some New Yorkers. Especially considering 50% of New York lives at or below the poverty line, T. You can’t expect New Yorkers to be able to keep up with the MTA’s price demands, along with extremely high costs of living, etc. It’s not feasible for many families. 10 cents a ride adds up. and for SOME and by some I mean MANY, it’s the difference between eating that day or not eating. So, dearest T, and the MTA; kindly shove it up your beaurocratic, sniveling assholes.

  • Jay

    Diamons there are many people on NYC with degrees who cannot find jobs. Ten cents does add up after awhile and its ridiculous to pay money for crappy service. There are other expenses people need to pay for other than transportation.

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