Pit bull found wandering Jackie Robinson Parkway looking for a new home

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) -- To say this pup could stop traffic would be pretty accurate. Just a week ago, a three-year-old stray pit bull wandered onto the Jackie Robinson Parkway during rush hour, causing a traffic nightmare and almost got herself killed.

A week later the pit, which was named “Jackie” after the parkway she disrupted, is looking for a home.

“She is a little stressed and a little nervous but once she warms up to you she definitely just wants a little cuddle,” Ana Vgaljarvic, a supervisor at the Animal Care & Control center in Brooklyn, told PIX11 News.

Jackie’s story is unfortunately a common one among the thousands of pit bulls abandoned or surrendered to AC&C.

The pit bull breed dominates the kennel population in New York City more than all other breeds combined.

“Pit bull puppies really are among the cutest puppies you will ever see, you’ll just want to squish and cuddle them,” Vgaljarvic said, explaining why the breed is so popular. “But they get large very fast and a lot of people don’t really realize the kind of responsibility it becomes.”

If you’re in the market for a pit bull, Animal Care & Control is holding a “Pit Bowl” on August 5th where they mesh some loveable pits with a night of bowling, all to raise money and awareness for these incredible animals.

To learn more, visit AC&C’s website - http://accn.convio.net/site/PageNavigator/PitBowl.html



  • Bonnie Folz

    thanks for having Jackie the stray Pit Bull on your show this morning and alerting NYers about the many wonderful dogs available for adoption at NYCACC.

  • Linda

    Thank you for highlighting pit bulls. I am a shelter volunteer and the shelters are overwhelmed with the number of this breed who are abandoned and abused. They are wonderful animals! I hope people will take the time to learn about them and what great pets they can be. Please adopt and don’t shop!

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