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Signs popping up around Crown Heights ask people to ‘dress modestly’

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CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn (PIX11) -- Signs have been popping up in Crown Heights asking people to "show some respect" and to "dress modestly this is a Jewish community."

One Rabbi told PIX11 News he agrees with the signs.

"A woman should cover up, she doesn't have to display what she's got," he said.

But on a hot summer afternoon a woman wearing a short skirt and halter top told PIX11 the Orthodox community should show tolerance and accept others for who they are especially when it is hot outside.

The signs aren't affiliated with any temple or Orthodox organization.

Elisheva Schwartz, who is Orthodox says she is offended by the signs.

"I think it is very important we don't inflict our views on everyone."

Schwartz said it's the diversity that makes Brooklyn so great.


  • Bruce

    Horrible journalism!
    Nowhere on the sign does it say what is considered modest, or to wear a skirt covering the knees.
    It also doesn’t say anyone should avoid walking the street, or that anyone else is in charge of the street.
    It asks all people to respect the culture of the local residents. For a local religious jewish woman, it might mean a longer skirt, and for others it might mean showing a little less cleavage. A man walking down the street without a shirt is also not appreciated by some. Of course he has the right, and nobody would even say a word to anyone, that’s why they put a sign, and left the word modest open to interpretation.
    As the older woman said “this is modest”. You were the one offending someone by telling her she isn’t dressed ok to be there.
    Shame on you for trying to dig up friction between people where there is none.

    • Young Ess

      Showing another culture “respect” doesn’t mean you need to adhere to their religious beliefs. What a ridiculous discussion. This sign is totally wrong to display in America.

  • william

    Who cares? Sounds like and angry person with nothing better to do. If you do not like it, look away. What kind person thinks a sign like this is right? If the person has an issue they should explain it clearly. This sounds like some woman caught her husband looking and want to blame anyone other than who she should.

  • Remy Rijn

    Ironically Its like when the Nazis hung posters in European cities before the holocaust. Any discrimination starts out subtle as the oppressor tests the temperature of the water before tossing the babies in to drown.

  • shespeaks

    It’s not a Jewish neighborhood. It’s a neighborhood full of many other ethnicities. They are actively trying to buy everyone out so that it can be exclusively Jewish, though. Until that’s successful, or Crown Heights becomes some kind of gated community they will have to deal with the style and culture of their neighbors, just like other New Yorkers.

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