Lawmakers aim to ban smoking from all NJ beaches

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(Photo: Thinkstock/ stock image)

MANASQUAN, N.J. (AP) — To smoke or not to smoke?

That is the question smoldering on New Jersey’s beaches as the state awaits a decision by Gov. Chris Christie on a bill that would greatly restrict lighting up on the sand.

A bill passed in June would ban smoking on public beaches but would give towns the option of setting aside 15 percent of their beaches as smoking areas if they want.

Lawmakers originally wanted a total smoking ban for beaches but eventually compromised.

Several shore towns already have total smoking bans of their own. Those would still be allowed under the new bill.

Nonsmokers say having secondhand smoke blown into their face by coastal winds is gross.

But smokers say there’s plenty of room for everyone to get along on the sands.


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