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Dad creates perfect water balloon fight accessory

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TEXAS (PIX11) — The most frustrating part of water balloon fights is creating the ammo: you almost never have enough, as it takes far too long to individually fill up each one.

Ambitious water balloon enthusiasts in the past have tried their fair share of concepts to make it easier, but one dad named Josh Malone nailed it with his Kickstarter invention: “Bunch O Balloons,” which lets kids (or fun-loving adults) fill more than one hundred balloons in under one minute.

The Kickstarter for "Bunch O Balloons" has raised more than $500,000. (Photo: YouTube)

The Kickstarter for “Bunch O Balloons” has raised more than $500,000. (Photo: YouTube)

The description reads: “Fill and tie hundreds of water balloons in minutes with our attachment that comes ready-to-go, no preparation necessary!”

The Kickstarter page also features an easy four-step pictorial for parents and kids on how to use the device. It has raised more than $500,000, despite a goal of only $10,000.

People must really love their water balloon fights.

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