Families of two alleged victims of police brutality demand justice

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- The families of Eric Garner and Jahmiel Cuffee shared the stage at the Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network on Saturday, demanding justice for the men—alleged victims of police brutality.

While holding his 21-month-old son, Jahmiel Cuffee described injuries he says he suffered at the hands of police.

“All over, scrapes and  bumps,” the 32-year-old from Brooklyn said outside the Rev. Al Sharpton’s Harlem headquarters.

“He’s very  angry,” said a woman who identified herself as Cuffee’s aunt.

Cuffee was standing on Malcolm X Boulevard in Bedford Stuyvesant Wednesday night, when according to the NYPD, officers saw him rolling a joint.  When asked for his ID, he complied, but resisted arrest.

Cell phone videos of the encounter show that after he was wrestled  to the ground, an officer seen walking away, returns and makes a motion with his foot.

Witnesses say they saw the officer stomp on Cuffee’s head.

Police say that officer has been placed on modified duty.

Cuffee said he has since suffered headaches and dizziness, and bares a red bruise on the left side of his head where he was stomped.

An emotional Rashida Rahim says her brother was defenseless.

“The officer waving a pistol in his face, an unarmed man.  Why are they so angry in the community?” she asked.

The mother of Eric Garner spoke out publicly for the first time about her son, who died on July 17 shortly after a police officer put him in an apparent chokehold which is captured on amateur video.

“At the end of the day, what this is all about, we want justice, we want justice for my son, we want justice for your son, your daughter.  We don’t want this to happen.  I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy,”  said Garner’s mother, Gwen Carr.

“He was a quiet man, but now he’s making a lot of noise,” said Garner’s widow, Esaw Garner.

Rev. Sharpton said with the videos, there’s no debate what happened.

PBA President Pat Lynch released the following statement:  “Video tapes never present all of the facts in a situation.  They never capture the criminal act or offense that brings police action to the scene.  They present an isolated period of police interaction but never the entire scenario.  That's why it is necessary to have a complete review of the facts in every case before arriving at any conclusion."

On Friday, Rev. Sharpton and the Garner family met with federal prosecutors, urging them to conduct a civil rights investigation into the incident.


  • Angela Rosado

    It’s unbelievable how these police officers even caught red handed still have the nerve to act like it didn’t really happened.They are giving the good cops like Scott Santiago a bad name. They need to get these hot heads out of the force.

  • Barney728

    This dude had something illegal that he pass to one of his friends(the first guy trying to help) he took it out of his pants just look at his hand. I mean the stomping was over the top but let’s not overlook the fact that he was resisting and was doing something illegal.

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