Video shows NYPD officer allegedly stomping on drug suspect’s head

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — Another amateur video has surfaced showing an NYPD officer allegedly using excessive force during an arrest in Brooklyn.

The police department is investigating after the officer appears to stomp on the suspect's head while he's on the ground. This is the third video in two weeks of an arrest to go viral. On July 17, Staten Island man Eric Garner died after being put in an apparent chokehold by an officer during arrest, an incident that was recorded by a bystander.

Police say officers in Bedford-Stuyvesant saw 32-year-old Jahmiel Cuffee in possession of a small amount of marijuana on Tuesday night in front of 223 Malcolm X Blvd. The video picks up after an officer asks Cuffee for ID. He hands over the ID, but resists arrest.  One officer pulls his gun, but once they get Cuffee to the ground, it gets worse.

In the video, an officer is seen walking away, then coming back and making a motion with his foot.

"He abruptly stomped on top of the gentleman's head," said Gary Dormer, who recorded what happened on his cell phone. "He lifted his foot with excessive force and came down like he was stepping on an ant or a roach or something at the time."

Dormer told PIX11 that the officers were aggressive from the start.

"It could've been anyone of us," Dormer said. "He wasn't doing anything wrong and the officer just stepped on his head."

The video shows Cuffee taking something out of his pocket right before he goes to the ground, which sources said put the officers on alert.

Community Advocate Tony Herbert said he wants the officer he believes stepped on Cuffee's head to be removed from the job.

"This officer cannot represent our community and work for us if he's going to violate people's rights," Herbert said.

Police said they are investigating whether or not the officers used excessive force, and that they are looking into ways to revamp its training.

Police confirmed that Cuffee — who has been arrested at least eight times before for possession of marijuana — was injured, but said he did not have any head injuries. Dormer said Cuffee is taking aspirin for the pain, but that he "shouldn't have to go through that pain because he didn't do anything to deserve it."


  • Bksfinest (@Bksfinest2)

    look at the video on youtube. The guy resisting takes something out from his ass and passes it to another guy in gray shirt black cap. COPS had every right to arrest this guy. Too bad he got rid of whatever he had. All i know is keys/money/or cellphone will not be kept in my ass to carry. HE PROBABLY HAD CRACK. No pun intended.

    • Mallory Knox

      Arresting someone for having a plant is ridiculous enough. Although that is NOT what this is about. It is about the person having his head stomped on by an obvious psychopath in uniform, after he is under control and subdued. Maybe you should take your ADHD drugs properly, so you are able to pay attention.

  • Doc

    As of March 6, 2014
    NYPD’s NEW POLICY with dealing with the public.

    According to New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton, officers will be retrained on how to talk to the public. The idea is to formulate new language for all of our officers that might help to diffuse a situation rather than escalate it. The new protocol would involve seven steps.
    Step one: Officer politely introduces himself and provides name and rank.
    Step two: Is to actively listen and attentively listen to the people they are encountering.
    Step three: Is keep an open mind to the information they are receiving.
    Step four: Is to be patient with the people they are serving.
    Step five: Is to know the resources the NYPD has and other agencies that would be available to help people with their problems.
    Step six: Is to make every reasonable effort to address the needs of the people who have asked for help.
    Step seven: Is to make sure every encounter, whenever possible, ends on a positive note, so people know they have been served with that respect.
    “Improving NYPD interactions with the public is a critical component to progressing police-community relations and ending abusive policing practices,” said Priscilla Gonzalez,

  • will

    The cop is a piece of shit and that’s all to it how long do the police think people are going to just sit back and wait to see what happened to the cops who just brat people for no reason come on when its on video the officers should be arrested on the spot this is getting out of control you cannot blame people if they Resort to violent because its happens to many times the cops are killing people and getting away with it that’s why when a cop is killed its not many black people who even care because they are killing black man and they go home and don’t even think about the life they took its a joke to them and its sad

  • Almirah Norgrove

    When is this voliences from the coos is gonna 2 stop why is theses police officers soooo angry with the blace man period it

  • ceanf

    bravo NYPD! you managed not to kill this guy while ‘taking him down’ for the terrible crime of having unapproved plant matter in his pocket! medals all around! such professionalism at work here!

  • Malcolm Tent

    It would have been better if you had not overlaid the small version of the video on top of the large version of the video like that. It was already difficult enough to see what was going on, and you made it even worse. Learn to leave well enough alone and just show us what you’ve got instead of trying to get creative.

  • lendawg

    Video of civilian stomping on man’s head = “Man horrifically abuses another man by stomping on his head, clearly in a video”

    Video of Police officer stomping on someones head = “Police officer allegedly stomps on mans head”

    Such a lovely double standard we have.

  • Marty

    you guys need 15 officers for a dude smoking a small amount of weed? seriously guys, you have more important things to do. bunch of scumbags.

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