‘Love cloud’: Message in sky above teacher’s funeral amazes friends

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(PHOTO: http://wtvr.com/2014/07/23/love-cloud/)

(Photo via WTVR)

HANOVER COUNTY, Virginia (PIX11) — Was it a coincidence or a divine message?

As friends gathered for the funeral of a beloved Virginia teacher who suddenly died earlier this month, they looked to the sky and saw what some are calling a note from beyond, PIX11 sister station WTVR reports.

The photo seems to show the word “love” written in the clouds above the cemetery. It was taken at the funeral of Renee Parr, a 30-year-old Mechanicsville elementary school teacher, mother and wife.

Can you see it?

Below is another shot with an added heart highlighting the message in the clouds.

A picture captured a rainbow and LOVE in the clouds (PHOTO: Crystal H.)

A picture captured a rainbow and LOVE in the clouds (PHOTO: Crystal H.)

Parr’s aunt also noticed a rainbow in the sky, theorizing that it was her late niece smiling down on them and letting everyone know she was OK.

Other friends and family members saw a cloud that depicted an angel carrying a baby. Parr was 14 weeks pregnant when she died.

Below is the original photo taken at the funeral:

(PHOTO: Crystal H.)

(PHOTO: Crystal H.)


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