What’s in a plumcot?: The ‘frankenfruits’ in grocery stores now

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(PIX11) – Take a stroll down the produce aisle and you may be met with fruit you’ve never heard of.

These so-called frankenfruits have odd names, distinct colors and unique flavors – and are entirely safe, experts say. They’re made through cross pollination, not genetic modification.

Liz Sgroi from the Food Network Magazine explains the latest concoctions:

  • Plum + Apricot = Pluots (tastes more like a plum)
  • Apricot + Plum = Plumcots (tastes more like an apricot)
  • Honeydew + Cantaloupe = Orange-fleshed honeydew:
  • Mango nectarines: There’s no trace of a mango in this fruit, but instead it’s the result of two different nectarines that, when combined, taste like a mango.

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