Watch: Dog wandering in rush-hour traffic gives commuters tense ride

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BROOKLYN, N.Y. (PIX11) – It was a tense half hour on a New York thoroughfare Tuesday morning as a scared-looking dog wandering through rush-hour traffic.

Drivers slowed to a crawl along Jackie Robinson Parkway near Bushwick Avenue where a gray pup was weaving in and out of lanes, walking against the flow of traffic.

At least two police cars and emergency services crews were called to the parkway to try to corral the dog. But when the animal saw the officers get out of their car and beckon for it to come, it darted in the opposite direction.

Shutting down traffic, the officers followed the pooch over the divider, across an off-ramp and into highway-adjacent woods.

That’s where they were finally able to wrangle the pup, about 8:20 a.m., some 20 minutes after Air 11 reached the scene. The dog was taken away in an emergency response van.

The animal’s condition was not immediately known. It did not appear hurt, but it did look scared and disoriented as it wandered across the roadway.


  • Celanese

    A- she will probably be slaughtered in New York City Animal “Care” & Control……. B – she looks like she recently had puppies or was used as a breeding dog……..

  • Chris

    Agree with Celanese. If this dog was brought to the NYC Animal Care and Control, it’s as good as dead :( Yes also looked skinny and lactating. Poor poor dog. Most animals don’t make it out alive from the city kill shelters, especially the pitties or pit mixes. Maybe someone will see this video and go and adopt her.

  • Linda

    You are right Celanese, its a female dog and she looks as if she had puppies (I’m sure they have already been sold)

  • alina

    POS owners kicked her out after selling the puppies. even on the video you can see that she is neglected, malnurished and her coat is in terrible shape, she will catch the cold in the shelter in 3 days and will be on a killing list soon after. she was lucky not to be injured. If you know someone who could help her by fostering or adopting please rush to help her. you can follow her story on FaceB Urgent Part 2 which lists and advocates for all animals from the NYCACC. i think they called her Meghan. she is in Brooklyn ACC.

  • Mike

    Looks like she is getting good care at AC&C. I just saw Jackie posted on their Facebook page and she is up for adoption. Hope she find a home.

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