NJ girl who sued parents gets restraining order against boyfriend

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NEW JERSEY (PIX11) – The New Jersey teenager who moved out of her parents’ home and then sued them for child support and tuition is back in the headlines after slapping her boyfriend with a restraining order.

Rachel Canning, 18, told police her boyfriend physically attacked her in the street.  Her boyfriend, 18-year-old Lucas Kitzmiller, is the same one she moved in with against her parents’ wishes, eventually leading to the lawsuit.

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According to a complaint filed in Morristown Municipal Court, Canning says Kitzmiller choked her during an altercation early Sunday morning.  The incident happened in Mine Hill, NJ.

Kitzmiller filed a cross-complaint and also obtained a temporary restraining order against Canning, according to the Newark Star-Ledger.

The pair appeared today before a judge in Family Court in in Morristown. The case was postponed to Aug. 6 and the judge advised all parties not to talk about the case and urged them especially not to post any information to social media.

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In the original case that garnered headlines nationwide, Canning took her mother and father to court alleging they were abusive and kicked her out of their home, leaving her unable to support herself financially.

Shortly after a judge denied Canning’s request for high school tuition and living expenses, the teen moved back home with her parents and eventually dropped the lawsuit.

Canning moved back in with her family and was awarded a $56,000 scholarship to attend Western New England University.



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