Hello Kitty dictionary has disturbing definition of ‘necklace’

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A Hello Kitty children’s dictionary left a mother in the U.K horrified after she stumbled across the definition for the word “necklace.”

Samantha Rawlins, 27, told the Mirror she thought the little pink dictionary would help her nine-year-old daughter with reading and spelling but was shocked when she spotted the gruesome definition.

The first definition for the word is “A piece of jewellery which a woman wears around her neck.” But the second definition takes an unexpected dark turn.

“In South Africa, a name for a tyre filled with petrol which is placed around a person’s neck and set on fire in order to kill that person.”

The dictionary has since been pulled by Harper Collins. (Photo: @Johnathangmeyer/Twitter)

The dictionary has since been pulled by Harper Collins. (Photo: @Johnathangmeyer/Twitter)

On Amazon, the dictionary was recommended for children 11-years-old and up.

“Hello Kitty is aimed at little girls with all the cute, cuddly animals and things. I didn’t think for a moment there would be anything like this in there,” the mother said. “I know technically the description for necklace is right, but detailing horrific ways to kill people really isn’t appropriate, especially not for little children.”

The Mirror reports that the book has been pulled by the publisher, Harper Collins.

“As soon as we realized there was inappropriate content, it was withdrawn for sale,” the company said in a statement.

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  • Bertus Barnard

    Now why is that so horrifying. Are you trying to deny the facts from your children. Many people have died from “necklacing”. Winnie Mandela was one who played the role of judge having many killed by the practice. The producer of the dictionary did a lot of work to compile an accurate meaning and description of words. You can not expect the producer of a dictionary to participate in your agenda to hide facts from your children. You can not wipe out the acts of horror that took place. You can not eliminate the existence of the word and all it’s real meanings. The term “necklace” is accurately described and should remain in the dictionary.

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