Alleged NYPD chokehold victim identity released

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The NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau has launched investigation into whether cops used an illegal chokehold while making another arrest.

The suspect in this video has been identified as 23-year-old Ronald Johns.

He was arrested for allegedly fare beating in the subway.

When he refused to put his hands behind his back, officers seem to put him in a chokehold.

This all came to light during the Eric Garner investigation.

He was laid to rest tonight on Staten Island after dying while in police custody.


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  • IncognitoEthos

    For both this case and the Eric Garner case, what I find more disturbing is that both the “victims” were resisting arrest and not following police instructions. It must be their upbringing because I was always told to do as an officer says and if an officer says for me to put my hands behind my back, I do it. It wasn’t like these two guys were in isolated, dark places where they feared that after the cuffs were put on and despite remaining compliant, they would be beaten and helpless to defend themselves. There were people all around and some with cameras.

    Sad for a loss of life, but if you don’t want to get in a tussle with the police and end up either injured or worse, then comply with their instructions…or better yet, don’t do things that can get them called on you!

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