Power foods for your busy life

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(PIX11) You are what you eat -- and there are foods that will help you stay on top of your game.

Fitness Magazine nutrition editor Juno Demelo reveals the power foods that will sustain you through a busy summer:

  • To survive a night out without a hangover the next day: Sushi rolls with ginger on the side and club soda
  • To power through a long flight: Smoothie and soup
  • To power through a day at the beach: Bananas and spinach salad
  • To power through a day of sightseeing or shopping: Veggie omelet with fruit and sliced avocado
  • To prepare for a big presentation: Half a turkey sandwich, small coffee in a mug and a stick  of gum
  • To power through an early morning sweat session: Watered-down juice and low-fat Greek yogurt
  • To conquer “garlic breath”: Glass or milk or peppermint tea

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