IG: Guards beat NYC inmate, faked suicide attempt

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NEW YORK (AP) — Investigators say New York City jail guards beat an inmate in his cell last year then faked paperwork and planted a noose to suggest he had attempted suicide.

A Department of Investigation inspector general described the Oct. 2013 Rikers Island incident in a letter to Bronx prosecutors made public Monday.

It says three guards entered the inmate’s cell, threw him on the ground and beat his face and body. It says they then faked paperwork to explain the use-of-force, fashioning a noose out of pants to suggest he’d attempted suicide.

Jail rules say guards can’t enter an inmate’s cell unless there’s an immediate threat.

The DOI is conducting a wide-ranging investigation into misconduct on Rikers.

Prosecutors investigated, but a spokeswoman says they couldn’t prove criminality beyond a reasonable doubt.


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  • tracy

    funny same think happened to a friend of mine in Trenton state he was beaten so badly that he was unrecognizable in his coffin. The only way his family&friends knew it was him was from a tattoo. The guards there claim he committed suicide by jumping off a sink 3 foot high!! I dont see how such a short jump would cause every bone in his head&neck to be broken? yet somehow his death was never investigated so the scumbag guards got away with murder!! i should also mention he was due to be released in two weeks so why kill yourself when you were going home??

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