How to perform CPR on a handcuffed patient

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — The in-custody death of a Staten Island father has resulted in four EMS responders being put on unpaid leave, and a citywide conversation about how police should handle those who suffer a medical emergency while in custody.



  • Bill Mckechnie

    What a bunch of bunk! first it’s obvious listening to this guy he’s no brain surgeon. One of the stills they show where he says it’s an obvious choke hold the suspect is still not cuffed. Secondly he is nothing more than a Monday morning quarterback, Quote” it seems the EMT’s were intimidated by the police.” From what does he draw this conclusion? Sure in the studio this wizard can tell you, text book ,of what could and perhaps should have been done but was he there? No! He talks about the fact that the suspect was asthmatic. This genius who wasn’t there and knows this only after the fact is prepared to criticize others for not treating this man as an asthmatic? . Please give me a break . Let’s have some responsible reporting instead of setting these cops and EMT’s up for the kill

    • Alex Goldman

      As a ems medical provider, safety of self and your partner is first, then comes the safety of your patient. Judging by the footage, the safety of the providers were established through a restrained, unconscious patient and controlled scene. So, what is next is to take care of the patient, which did not happen. In medicine, you are required to treat everyone of your patients equally, and to the best of your abilities. The patient should have been placed on oxygen,at the very least, which is a standard protocol for all health care providers, even the brain surgeons. You see, the reason this is such a publicized topic is that this was all caught on footage. With technology becoming so sophisticated, it is easy to record anything and everything and have the video on the internet in seconds. Providers fail to realize that they are now under the watchful eye, more now then ever and that being intimidated by those there to secure the scene is no excuse not to deliver quality care to their patient.

  • willholahan

    How to perform CPR on a handcuffed person? What a stupid question. First, remove the handcuffs. Then perform CPR. If a person is passed out on the ground, he or she won’t be running away. So, there is no need for handcuffs. Again, what a stupid question!

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