Feds want to start trial for Rep. Grimm in October

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NEW YORK (AP) – Federal prosecutors want to start Republican New York Rep. Michael Grimm’s tax evasion trial in October, a month before Election Day.

Assistant U.S. Attorney James Gatta said in court Monday that motion procedures and hearings in the case could be held by the end of September with a trial starting the following month.

Grimm has been indicted on 20 counts for allegedly evading taxes by hiding more than $1 million in sales and wages while running a small Manhattan restaurant.

The Staten Island lawmaker and former FBI agent has pleaded not guilty. He says he’s the target of a political witch hunt aimed at driving him out of office.

The Staten Island Advance says Grimm’s new attorney wanted a three- to four-week delay so he could review case material.


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  • Tom Hilton

    Grimm is so shamelessly arrogant that he is going dig himself a nice deep hole he will not be able to crawl out of. He’ll provoke the Feds into also indicting him on campaign finance corruption charges. Meanwhile, his refusal to take any plea deal because he wants to stay in Congress and get his juicy pension (which he can collect in prison) means he may go for broke – full acquittal on all charges, and that is not happening. And THAT means 10-15 in the Federal pen for Mikey. . . and a special election for the rest of us in NY 11.

    To be rid of his toothy phony grin, deceits, and crass photo ops alone will be a blessing.

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