Father’s emotional plea at daughter’s grave sends powerful message about drunk driving

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A father's emotional plea from his daughter's grave has gone viral. (Rick Ellis via Facebook)

A father’s emotional plea from his daughter’s grave has gone viral. (Rick Ellis via Facebook)

(PIX11) — A father’s heartbreaking video from his young daughter’s grave is sending a powerful message about drinking and driving.

“I’m gonna tell you something,” Rick Ellis started his video saying. “Life isn’t about getting high.”

The father lost his 6-year-old daughter Lindsey four years ago in a drunk driving accident.

At the wheel was Lindsey’s mother.

“My little girl was killed from a mother who wanted to get high; drink, party and have fun. It didn’t work out to well,” said Ellis. “I’m going to show you something that is the end result of your partying on Friday nights, Saturday nights, whenever. Want to get drunk, play around get stupid? This is what happens.”

He then pans the camera to show the grave stones with the names Christy M John Ellis and Lindsey Kay Ellis.

“This is my precious little girl who had been killed in a drunk driving accident,” said Ellis.

According to the grieving father, Lindsey’s mother had been partying for two days and staying up all night.

“Everything was great. Well it ain’t so great now,” he said.

Lindsey was six when she died.

“She died in Beaumont Mississippi, her mother tried to drive home to the Gulf Shores Alabama after her boyfriend beat her up.”

Her mother also died in the accident.

Ellis’ video has gone viral, touching people around the country who have lost relatives.

“Baby girl daddy’s hear you, I hope we both can change the world!”

At the end of the post, he leaves a simple yet heartwarming message to his daughter.

“Love you so much, Dad.”