Teen’s smiling selfie at Auschwitz concentration camp goes viral

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A teen is facing global criticism after she took a smiling selfie at Auschwitz Concentration Camp and posted it on Twitter.

Identified as Breanna Mitchell by the Daily Mail, the teen posted the the photo on her account on June 20.

Since then, the photo has been retweeted over 4,000 times.

Almost immediately, Mitchell was called insensitive for the tweet, as over 1 million Jews died at Auschwitz during the Holocaust.

“Probably one of the most tasteless ‘selfies’ ever & a damn good example of what’s wrong with the trend,” one person said.

“What an absolute lack of class!!! #Unbelievable,” another wrote.

Despite the backlash, Mitchell hasn’t taken the photo down — and is even retweeting her “supporters” and articles written about her. Some of the retweets include racist jokes.

Mitchell says she studied the Holocaust with her father, who passed away last year. “That trip actually meant something to me and  was happy about,” she tweeted.



  • Anais Perez

    So what….. She can’t smile now???? People need to learn not to sweat little things like this

  • ndrew Cholewa

    I have been there twice and saw many people taking pictures there. I don’t think there’s this is any different

  • Becky

    I wonder how she’d like it for us to take smiling selfies at her father’s grave…

    Hi! Wish you were here! Glad this guy is dead! :-)

    • Jack M.

      I take smiling selfies at my Dad’s grave all the time. I celebrate his life, not mourn his death!!! Get off your self righteous high horse.

  • Brian Lipensky

    Sometimes people are way too sensitive. It’s not like she’s got a party hat on and is wearing a shirt that says something like Hitler Rules. No, she’s a regular teen visiting a place where millions suffered. What’s in bad taste is that they turned it into a kind of tourist attraction.

  • julie

    “Teen faces global criticism!” is a rough punishment for someone who shared a photo of herself standing at Auschwitz with upturned corners of her mouth. She has a personal reason for being there. There’s nothing that says she skipped and sang as she toured the camp. She was probably thinking of her dad and how they planned to come here together. I smile when I think of my my mom who’s passed away.

    She’s not celebrating the Holocaust. Maybe it’s a social faux pas, but it doesnt make her stupid, anti-semitic, or any of the things “the internet” has called her.

    Also, why aren’t the blatantly disgusting tweets being called out?? They’re worse than this picture by far!

  • ETEE

    Had she been standing there some sixty nine years ago I don’t think she would have been smiling……..or breathing.

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