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Police arrest suspect who punched out NYPD officer’s teeth

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EAST HARLEM, Manhattan (PIX11) -- Police have arrested a suspect they say punched an NYPD officer during an altercation early Sunday morning.

The officer and her partner were patrolling Clinton Houses on Park Avenue when they saw four people smoking marijuana.

When officers went to arrest the suspects, police say one of the men punched the an officer the face before fleeing the scene.

The officer was taken to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital where she was treated for broken teeth, cuts to her face and pain to the head.

Police arrested 26-year-old John Pica and charged him with assault on an officer.



    It’s a shame on how FAST action is taken when a cop is attacked but when cops do the attacking it gets swept under the rug n unless it’s recorded n theres evidence NOTHING gets done. Most of the time even if there’s proof some how they find a way to make the VICTIM look guilty! Then they wonder why they are HATED by so many!

  • goblue

    barrett all of what rodriguez said i dont agree with but…… don’t understand what is meant by what was said because its not around you .In your face ….you only have tv to help you see it …..and this cops puncher needs to be arrested …but police can murder not just shoot , but murder people unjustly …and still have a job….they are tasing the elderly because they question the police’s reason for the arrest which they make up the charges as they go …so we might all call them but hope that great people come …Not idiots with badges

  • Rob

    We take care of our own… If you don’t like it… To bad
    Some of you rob, shoot, beat and kill your own. Doesn’t say much about y’all

  • lisa


  • Rob

    It’s amazing how everyone from the community all of sudden has a Moral Compas when it come to a Police incident. It’s all Fake. Where are your Morals when kids are shot in a crossfire… Or when someone shoots blindly into a backyard BBQ… Or when another young girl gets knocked up by some douchbag and leaves her. I can go on and on. All of this self inflicted damage. Not a word. No outrage. No gatherings at City hall. All’s Quiet in the street.
    The communitnty has no credibility when it comes to this manufactured outrage.
    On another note: cops could care less if you hate em… We’re not Firemen.

  • kelly

    Listen yes a gentle giant died…but this gentle giant had 31 prior arrests and died of a heart attack…plenty of cops get assaulted because there too slow to react..this guy was resisting an arrest….and everyone wants to say fuck the police but when your child is being sexually assaulted or someone is robbing you at gunpoint i wonder who you are going to call

  • Shavonne Torres

    I am so anti violence let’s start there and I do believe that not all cops are crooked but the truth is that the majority of them are u have some that are decent and then there are the ones that abuse their authority Of course he was arrested for punching her in the face for no reason besides not wanting to be arrested but these officers kill and hurt people daily most and most of the time for no good reason and never get time 0_o this world is crazy all police departments all over this country are the biggest legal gangs facts

  • Shavonne Torres

    And for the record that’s their favorite line we got rough because he was resisting arrest yes because most of the time like in the case of the Eric Garner he wanted to know what he was being arrested for especially if wasn’t doing anything

  • Tiffany Phillips

    First of all he didn’t punch her in the face. She fell down the stairs. There is no way u get punched in the face n fall on ur face. She knocked her own teeth out by falling on the stairs a punch doesn’tleave u with scratches on your face. Its so ccrazy how the NYPD will cover up their own rookies mistake

  • lady

    All of yall dont know shit about my family n what happen u wasnt there at the end of the day the lying ass cop fell trying to chase him yes fell n because of that nowvtge claims are he hit her full of shit never once he has ever put his hands on a female god is good n the truth will set him free smfh at people

  • Bernard Goetz

    20 years ago there were few NYC marijuana arrests. Now the city is safe and police do’t have enough to do. We should be thankful for that although low crime has caused high rents. Now the police arrests lots of people for marijuana. Its a make work program for cops and causes more trouble than good, not to mention the lawsuits. DeBlasio should end the marijuana police onslaught.

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