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Dog attacks, kills 7-month-old baby in Ohio

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DAYTON, Ohio (AP) — Police in Dayton say a dog has attacked and killed a 7-month-old boy.

Police tell The Dayton Daily News that the baby’s step-grandmother was watching the infant for the day when her dog attacked and killed him Sunday afternoon.

A Montgomery County coroner’s investigator says the baby, whose name hasn’t been released, is from another state.

An autopsy is planned for Monday.

An animal control officer removed the dog.

Montgomery County records show an American Staffordshire terrier, which resembles a pit bull, is registered at the address where the baby was killed.

A June 3 police report shows the same dog attacked and injured another dog before it got away.

People who gathered at the home after the attack cried and screamed. Police say the step-grandmother was extremely distraught.



  • bradleyduncan

    people always want to say sorry but it’s too late you know better and you just didn’t care now you have to pay for what you did

  • Jenna

    “which resmebles a pit bull ” even though this dog was NOT. a pit null the media never ceases to mention them when they get a chance…it’s not the dog..its the owner! Praying for this family.

  • shazy dob

    omg who cares about the dogs ( rap) a cheap shot at the dog …. who gives a crap about the dog …an innocent child is gone ………people seem to miss the point of articles like this ..the poor child suffered an unbelievable death and you people r worried about the dogs integrity ….what is wrong with this world … baby may god comfort you…..

  • Morg

    I own 100pd pit, if I have small children over my house, he is put away, his size alone can be dangerous, he could knock them over, not meaning to hurt them, but to play, and don’t give me that pits are bad crap, this is my second pit, my first live 16 years, never had an issue with him at all with anyone…. I also own a Basset hound, and an Akita, I would never leave any of my dogs with a baby….not that they are mean or dangerous…..but their size alone would pose a danger…. you have to be a responsible dog owner, any breed, can bite, and kill….. im sorry the baby is dead, that horrible… and my heart is heavy for the family…. and if that dog attack another animal, he should have been locked away…

  • Catalina Herrera

    First of all why the fk people is worried about the fkin dog, the child died and it’s a heart breaking moment to even say hurtf things like this. What if the parents are reading this as well?, or the step grandma- they don’t wanna see this. Like come on people ya need to really grow the fk up. And about the pit my only advice would be is put the pit down to sleep because if he attack another dog and not killed a child than it’s time now to really say good bye. RIP MY LIL PRINCE MAY U REST UR SOUL. God bless the family n give them the comfor they need

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