‘Cannibal nurse’ found guilty of luring 14-year-old girl online

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(PIX11) – A nurse in England has been found guilty of sexually grooming a 14-year-old girl and promising to kill and eat her in a case uncovered by detectives investigating New York’s so-called cannibal cop who was tried in court for expressing similar fantasies.

Dale Bolinger, 58, who works for the National Health Service, chatted with a teen girl online, expressing sexually explicit fantasies that involved cannibalism, the Guardian reported Monday.

“The idea of us making love and then eating you is a VERY great turn on! I have been called a very generous lover and I would be very generous to you before I prepped you for the table,” he told the girl, who was living in Germany at the time.

The pair agreed to meet and the day before their scheduled rendezvous, Bolinger bought an axe, the news outlet reported. The teen never showed.

Bolinger was arrested in February 2013 after police in England were tipped off by FBI agents investigating Gilberto Valle, a former New York City police officer who was arrested for plotting to kidnap, kill and eat women, some of whom he selected using police department data.

A search warrant of Bolinger’s apartment revealed child pornography on his computer, including a photo of a young girl – aged 6 to 9 – lying naked on a serving plate with an apple in her mouth.

“I do not find children sexually attractive, but I do find them interesting as a food source,” Bolinger told police, according to the Guardian.

He blamed his “very domineering mother” for his “weird” behavior, and said that he never sexually assaulted a child.

Still, he was found guilty on several counts related to the bizarre baiting.

Bolinger’s sentencing was postponed to Sept. 19. A judge has asked for a psychiatric evaluation of the defendant to see the level of risk he poses to the public.

He’ll be sentenced for attempting to groom a child under 16 for sexual purposes and for previously admitted charges of administering a noxious substance (cleaning fluid) to a woman in 2010, two counts of possessing obscene pictures of children under 16, and seven charges of writing obscene articles, the Guardian reported.

The case in England and that of ex-officer Valle called into question the threat so-called thought crimes.

While awaiting his sentencing and – in an ironic turn of events – working in the jailhouse kitchen, Valle’s conviction was overturned earlier this month.

A judge ruled that because no one was kidnapped or hurt as a result of Valles’ “fantasies,” he never actually committed a crime and should therefore be free.

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