Authorities ‘evict’ large snake from Washington Square Park

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- A large snake almost made a permanent home in Washington Square Park.

Not long after Maya Salam saw authorities poking around the park Sunday,  she saw a snake about five to six feet long.

Someone had apparently already called authorities by the time she walked by and saw the scene.

"It's definitely not what you'd expect to see, such a huge snake in the middle of the city," said Salam.

The snake was taken to a local shelter and was adopted. (Photo: Maya Salam)

The snake was taken to a local shelter and was adopted. (Photo: Maya Salam)

According to police, no one knows how the snake got there.

We know from authorities that the snake is either a King or a Corn snake with no apparent home. It is not a venomous snake, authorities said.

Salam told PIX11 that she once owned a snake, but found this disturbing because the snake was so close to the sidewalk, with no apparent owner.

The snake was taken to Little Monsters Animal Rescue where it was soon adopted.

It remains a mystery how the snake got to Washington Square Park.

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