SEE IT: Dachshund in wheelchair melts hearts running in ‘Wiener Dog Rally’

Posted at 4:53 PM, Jul 20, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-20 16:52:57-04

AUBURN, Wash. (PIX11) — A dachshund with disabilities won the hearts of onlookers as she competed in an annual race in Washington.

The local radio station STAR 101.5 holds an annual Wiener Dog rally, which took place last Sunday.

According to the station, 24 dachshunds took the track for the 19th annual race.

One of the competitors was Anderson Pooper, a dachshund with disabilities.

A week before the race, Facebook group “Animals With Disabilities” began drumming up attention for her.

“She is the only cart dog that will be running and she needs all of our Seattle area friends to come down and watch her kick all of the 4 legged dogs butts!” the post read.

While Anderson did not win the race, she had a roar of applause from the audience.

“C’mon A. Poop!” and “go Pooper!” could be heard from the audience as she proudly ran down the track.