Goodwill employee finds diamond ring in donated bag of jewelry

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ANNANDALE, Va. (PIX11) — A Goodwill employee’s find at a Virginia store proves you never know what you’ll find when you’re there.

Sari Schray told WTVR she was sifting through a bag of donated jewelry last month when she found a diamond ring.

Immediately Schray knew the band was 14-carat gold, but assumed the diamond was fake and would only be worth $50.

But not only was the gem real, it was a 3-carat diamond that appraised for $8,300.

The ring Schray found in a donated bag of jewelry sold for nearly $12,000. (WTVR)

The ring Schray found in a donated bag of jewelry sold for nearly $12,000. (WTVR)

“It’s amazing. Words can’t describe it,” Schray said. “My mouth just dropped. I was like really?”

The ring sold for nearly $12,000.

The money will be used to support job training programs at the store.

It’s unknown who donated the ring and if they meant to give it away.

The amazing find not only surprised staff members, but customers as well.

“Maybe I’ll start coming more often,” said customer Doris Margolis.

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