Rep. Maloney breaks his own rule to film his wedding with a drone

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COLD SPRING, NY (PIX11/AP) — Rep. Maloney hired a drone to capture aerial views of his wedding even though his committee within the House denounced the commercial use of drones as illegal.

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney married his longtime partner Randy Florke last month surrounded by friends, celebrities and … a drone.

Stephanie Formas, a spokewoman for Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney of New York, acknowledged the congressman hired a photographer to produce a photo package of his wedding last month that included a video created using a drone.

Rep. Maloney sits on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Aviation Subcommittee, which oversees the Federal Aviation Administration.

The FAA has explicitly prohibited the commercial use of drones. They specify it is illegal for drones to film any property or event if it’s commercial.

In Maloney’s case, the filming of his wedding was entirely commercial, which makes the project illegal.

Parker Gyokeres from Propellerheads Aerial Photography was hired to capture the events from above.

Many groups like Gyokere’s company who want to┬ácommercialize drones are challenging the FAA’s policy.

However, though the FAA prohibits drones, they cannot enforce the policy.

The most they can do is send letters to commercial drone operators and urge them to stop or pay a large fine.

The agency is also appealing a case in which an administrative law judge sided with a commercial drone videographer FAA officials tried to fine.

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