Did cops follow protocol during fatal SI arrest? Former NYPD Deputy Inspector examines video

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- After a Staten Island man died while getting arrested, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton have vowed for a thorough investigation.

The video of the arrest, showing Eric Garner saying he couldn't breath as officers wrestled to the ground, is sure to be the center of the investigation.

Former NYPD Deputy Inspector Corey Pegues examined the video and discussed if the officers followed proper protocol.


  • Jdev

    Also, your comment about less intelligent? I have an B.A. in English and an M.B.A. Trust me, Degrees don’t help you to see bullshit, street smarts help. Open your eyes, if someone is peeing on your leg don’t let them tell you it’s raining.

  • Matt Martin

    You hit it right on the head this so called expert was a disgrace to the NYPD. He did show up to a double murder in the 71 Precinct and proceed to walk through the crime scene and urinate. Great job by Pix 11 and choosing this clown that describe Police Officers performing police work. I guess he covered up the Thug for Life tattoo on his neck.

  • Tony

    Corey Pegues, what a joke! The guy can’t even put two sentences together. An incompetent token who was given the job because of skin color and not ability. Was his shirt collar up high enough to hide his “Thug Life” tattoo?

  • Dee Menino

    Put the bong down ….get off the Craigslist ads for men looking for men …go to sleep. I don’t care how many degrees you have or even if you were Knighted by the Queen of England. You are nothing but a pathetic liberal moron.

  • Ralph Morales

    This DI was zero on the job and there is a reason why he Retired. GANG ASSAULT really were ? Choke hold .. SHOW ME… SGT. Did nothing , REASON Why… Because the officers did nothing. Wrong…LOOK at the VIDEO REALLY GOOD..

  • john

    Wpix needs a better job hiring consultants. This clown is describing an “edp” situation not an arrest. The perp resisted arrest and had 31 priors. I would also like to see the drug levels from autopsy results. He was a career criminal. Where was his loving family’s concern while he was piling on the pounds and the arrests?

    Shame on wpix for finding incompetent consultants…that guy is an ass!

  • A Worthy Comment

    Okay, for all you Inspector Pugues haters, for all you NYPD officers that for years held that “hater tourch” because this young african american highly educated man made it and you did not, go ahead and lash out. This is this is your day. Tell us how you really feel, about the inspector or I’m sorry did a man just die at the hands of NYPD or has this just become an Inspector hate blog.
    Really…….get a life the Inspector has one. Good job WPIX learining the absolute truth about what happened.
    A real critic.

    • Dear Worthy Comment

      Really – playing the race card? Wow! So you’re either this POS retired DI or another from the militant group that was formed by your now borough president. This character is not a cop. Cop is a word that describes an honest and loyal servant to their community. This guy is an opportunist – a quota boss that made DI because of the racist fraternity he belongs to. He lost his command over sexual harrassment, has a tattoo on his neck “Thug Life” -‘he has impeached his credibility time and time again. But you stand up for him? Says a lot about your character as well. WPIX just became MSNBC – crap network.

  • Blessed & Highly Favored

    Thank You, A Worthy Comment, I could not said it better myself. Cory Pegues has done is job and earned his pension.All you hater’s should have went after him when he was in his position. Back to the issue at hand yes a man was killed by the hand of the NYPD who are suppose to serve and protect. When is this all going to end.

  • yourmother

    I Dont even like cops Lol but I have my reasons .. But I’m tired of all this race shit .. I should be a lawyer I’m sorry I watch the video and I didn’t see the fight he supposably broke up I see him resisting arrest and I can see why they didn’t stop when he said he couldn’t breathe he was giving them a hard time maybe now people know not to resist arrest if ur so innocent u wouldn’t of resist it in the first place

  • A Worthy Comment

    Deputy Inspector Corey Pegues you are highly favored and and that is why YOU were asked to do this analysis. Everybody else. ” Hold That”.

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